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5 Gross Things That Happen When You Do Not Clean Your Makeup Brush!

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5 Gross Things That Happen When You Do Not Clean Your Makeup Brush!

A good makeup brush is important for looking your best and is one of the most important tools in women’s beauty routines. Our Chics deals with dirty makeup brush easily using this innovative device. Cleaning your makeup brushes regularly is crucial to ensure you get the most out of your brush, especially when it comes to hygiene. However, most women do not clean their makeup brushes at all. There are a lot of reasons why you should be cleaning your makeup brushes regularly. Here are just a few of the gross things that happen when you do not clean a makeup brush.

  1. The buildup of Bacteria:

This is simple. When you do not wash a makeup brush, it accumulates bacteria, dirt, and dust. There are little microbes on your face, which you apply to your face and your products when using a dirty makeup brush. These bacteria can grow quickly and can ruin both your brush and makeup products.

  1. Skin Irritations and Breakouts:

Our skin can react to the bacteria, dirt, and dust that is applied to your skin when you use dirty makeup brushes. If you are wondering why your skin is breaking out or is super irritated, you should look at your makeup brushes. Washing your makeup brushes regularly can help stop the buildup of bacteria and keep the brushes soft.

  1. Virus Infections:

If skin irritations and breakouts were not enough, a dirty makeup brush can also cause virus infections. Reapplying your own oils and dirt with your dirty makeup brushes is enough to upset your skin. However, sharing makeup and brushes opens a huge can of worms that you really do not want to risk. Sharing a makeup brush with someone else can cause your skin or theirs to have foreign microbes. These microbes can cause simple breakouts, but you are also risking pink eye and even herpes. Your best bet is to wash or sanitize the brushes if someone else has used the makeup brush before you.

  1. Damages the Makeup Brush:

Makeup brushes have become cheaper over the years, but they still cost money and can last almost a decade if you take good care of them. However, not cleaning your brushes shortens their lifespan. The longer that you do not clean your brushes, the more likely that the hairs will stick together or fall out. The brush can even lose its shape, so you should be cleaning your brushes with a makeup brush cleaner at least once a week. If you can, you should have doubles or triples of the brushes that you use daily to prolong their lifespan, because you can use the other brushes if you cannot wash the used brush right away.

  1. Muddy Makeup:

If you are not scared of an infection or having to buy new brushes regularly, you should know that dirty brushes affect the performance of the tool and your makeup.

Many beauty magazines have recommended Forchics™ Makeup Brush Cleaner. A Forchics™ Makeup Brush Cleaner helps you clean your brushes quickly and can help you get all the makeup and oil out of your brushes.

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