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You're Probably Guilty Of These Mascara Mistakes

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Offense #1: You pump your mascara wand.

This is such a common practice and a quick way to dry that $25 tube of good makeup in no time at all! The result: it clumps around your eyelashes! Whoever comes up with these things? There’s no easy fix to this except to break out of your bad habit.

Offense #2: You don’t use the wriggle technique.

Don’t let it intimidate you. Even a beginner can start using this easy trick. Instead of letting your wand slide across your lashes, move it in a zigzag motion at the base of your lashes before letting it glide. It’ll add more volume to your lashes.

Offense #3: You use only one mascara for all your eyelash needs.

Mascaras aren’t designed the same. Each has its own purpose and specialty so expecting one product to do it all is asking for too much. The key is to layer. Use one for curling. Another for lengthening and another for volume. Unless it promises more than one function, you’ll only be disappointing yourself. You should also explore other products other than mascara to avoid wearing down your lashes with thick makeup.

Offense #4: You don’t apply concealer to your eyelid.

Mascara can still even hours after you thought it had dried, and even at the end of the day. It’s often caused by our skin’s natural production of oil, which includes the eyelids. Be sure to include primer or concealer to keep your mascara from transferring.

Offense #5: You reapply mascara throughout the day.

With mascara, you either put it on before the day begins or you don’t. That’s the only time you should put it on. Even pros wouldn’t advise reapplying because you risk having to redo all of your makeup. It’s just not as simple as putting on a swipe of lipstick. If you want your lashes looking voluminous all day, then apply eyelash serum to encourage healthy lash growth.

If you are guilty for these crimes, don’t feel too bad. At ForChics, we’re always discovering something new, whether it’s about skin care, makeup or ourselves. It’s the very reason why we’re able to make great products. What’s important is you learn from it and grow.

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