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5 Tips To Get The Perfect Brows

5 Tips To Get The Perfect Brows

When it comes to creating a beautiful and fancy glamorous makeup look, the eyebrows are very crucial. Just like the tiny little details of a painting, your eyebrows has a huge impact of the overall aesthetic of your face. There are many methods to beautify the brows, from removal and addition of hair, coloration to eyebrow tattoos.

So what should you do to to have a pretty set of eyebrows? Read on for 5 quick tips:

1.) Avoid overplucking
One of the major stigmata in having a good eyebrow is traceable to the practice of overplucking. Many individuals eventually depend on plucking in order to maintain the shape and details of their eyebrows. Overplucking is regarded as an underlying medical issue that is always linked with the aging process. Hair loss in the eyebrow is also attributed to the malpractice of overplucking. Human hairs (where the eyebrows belong) have a cycle throughout our lifetime. When the hair undergoes or goes through a growth cycle, it will regrow in a thinner state that is sometimes accompanied by discoloration or fading.

2.) Use a brow stencil or brow serum
Sparsely covered or thin eyebrows are a pain in the eyes. These errors are can be fixed using cosmetics like a brow stencil or a brow serum. Using a brow stencil is the easiest and most convenient method to transform thin and out-of-shape brows. This technique involves the application of different arc and shape that may complement your looks that will correspond to your preferences. One other approach to fix a problematic thin eyebrow is the application of brow serum. Brow serum is an organic compound commonly extracted from numerous different herbs that can aid the growth of hair follicle to thicken your eyebrows.

3.) Brush them!
Just like our hair, the eyebrows (which is also a hair) need to be brushed. Sometimes, a simple brushing will aid the stress away and will help you to obtain an on fleek eyebrows. Stroking them with an eyebrow brush or setter to visualize your desired brow shape by fixing the stray eyebrow hairs out of the way. According to the celebrity makeup artist, Lisa Aharon, brushing your brow hairs downward allows you to see the line of natural hair growth and gives you a guide for filling in the thin spots. Once your desired eyebrows are filled, you will be amazed by how simple brushing can help you to go on fleek.

4.) Get the perfect shape and color
Every individual has a specific shape of the eyebrow that will complement their face. Your eyebrow must also complement your motif to have a perfect glam look. Using a thin-handled makeup brush, you can work out an imaginary line that will aid you in getting the perfect shape for your eyebrows. You can also experiment by using different shapes since finding the perfect one is always a process of trial and error. In addition to those, a perfect shade for the perfect shape of eyebrows will add a seamless effect that will help you to look more beautiful.

5.) Bring out the makeups
Makeups are not only for skin, but it can also be applied to the eyebrows. For example, concealer is not just dark circles and blemishes. Surprisingly, this tool can make your eyebrow looks sharper by allowing stray hairs to camouflage with the entire canvas. Using makeups will also help you in deciding the perfect arc and shape for your eyebrow. But be reminded that excessive use of makeup can ruin your entire face. The key here is to apply them subtly and remembering the rule of being simple is also being beautiful.

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