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Get the right shades for your eyebrows with these tips

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It can be tricky. Go too light and your facial features will still look as undefined without them. If it’s too dark, it looks fake, awkward, and a mess. It all depends on your present hair and your undertone.

First, Identify Your Undertone.

There are three kinds, namely cool, warm or neutral. To find out which is yours, determine the color of your veins showing through your skin. Are they blue or green? Blue indicates a cool undertone. Green means warm. Neither or both is considered neutral.

Another way to determine is by the sun’s effect on you. Do you tan easily but don’t get sunburn or burns easily but hardly tans? The first would confirm warm undertones while the second affirms cool undertones. Both would mean neutral.


While most products are brown, choosing the right one is the hard part. Pick a color that’s one or two hues apart from your natural hair color. Darker would be the safer bet.

Dark Brown or Black

Contrary to popular belief, your eyebrows and hair shouldn’t match exactly because of the risk of looking unreal. Choose a medium brown color. Whether you should opt for a warm or cool one depends on your skin undertone.

Redheads, Auburn or Strawberry Blonde

Having red eyebrows is rare so people don’t expect your eyebrows to match. Instead, go for copper-toned hues or darker brown. For the reddish blonde, a taupe or auburn color would be appropriate.


Base your eyebrow color on the roots of your hair to keep it natural-looking. If the entire thing is a single shade and your current hair is very light or ashy, you’d want ashy brows, too.


Match your brows with your natural hair color. Opt for a blonde color for your brows, if you had light hair, and a warm medium brown for dark.

These are basic guidelines, however. It’s always a case-to-case basis so expect some trial and error before you find one that you feel comfortable with. You can always ask for help from a trusted brand. It also gives you more flexibility for when you want to change your hair color. Experiment, if you want!


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