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Maintain your pearly whites the low-cost, natural way!

Would you give up your coffee for white teeth? Tough call. One option is seeing your dentist to have that gleaming white smile. Getting your teeth professionally treated is a great quick fix but not always practical, especially if you’re like most people who need that caffeine buzz in the morning to function. Here are ways you can whiten your teeth without having to book a dentist appointment:

  1.    Rinse with oil.

We’re not kidding! There’s even a term for it, which is “oil pulling.” Don’t just use any oil. Choose between coconut oil, olive oil, or sunflower oil. They’re known to be effective in removing debris, dirt, and other elements that cause stains. However, it’s not meant to replace regular brushing and flossing. Besides, who wants to stay with that oily feeling in their mouth?

  1.    Eat fruit!

What do you know? Fruits like strawberries, papaya, and pineapple are great for improving your overall health and whitening your teeth. Keep your expectations at a minimum because they offer some effect but if your teeth are noticeably yellow, don’t expect drastic changes anytime soon.

  1.    Use activated charcoal powder.

It’s similar to the charcoal used for barbecues but they’re not the same thing. This doesn’t have the carcinogenic effect present in the one used for grilling. What it does have is the ability to absorb toxins and odors. It was even used as a treatment in the 1800s for accidental poisoning, even fighting drug overdose. Sprinkle a bit on your toothbrush and watch it work its magic.

  1.    Regular dental check-ups.

We could’ve suggested you stop drinking coffee, tea, and soda plus not eat berries anymore but a lifestyle change for white teeth is difficult to ask.  That’s why it’s best to maintain those occasional visits to the dentist to check on your teeth health. Well... coffee is cake and everything is icing. Good teeth is part of the ice cream and no one should have to choose between cake and ice cream.

Successfully whitening your teeth once is doable but the challenge is making sure they stay white. A little help from a great product and expert advice can’t go wrong while saving you tons of money. If you have any present health concerns, get your doctor’s opinion first.