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Professional brows you can DIY!

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Professional brows you can DIY!

Professional brows you can DIY!

We’ve gone through some weird trends when it comes to eyebrow shapes, from pencil thin to thick, straight and rectangular blocks. All of them were awkward but seemed like good ideas…at first. Now, we’re suffering the consequences of unnatural and misshapen brows. How do we get them back to their former glory?

The cardinal rules for eyebrow shaping:

  1.    The inner tips should align with the center of your nostrils.
  2.    Your eyebrows should curve at two-thirds of your eye from the inner corner.
  3.    The outer tips should never reach your temples.
  4.    Never overpluck, a hard lesson learned after the 90s.
  5.    Never shave them! Those thin hairs will grow as thick stubbles.

Now you know the 5 commandments, let’s start getting your eyebrows into shape! Literally.

Steps to Shaping Your Brows:

1: Let it grow! Leave it alone for a few weeks so you can see your brow’s natural shape.

2: Use our cardinal rules to determine the outline of your brow from start to end.

3: Brush on eyebrow gel with a spoolie upwards and in the direction of the outline to keep the hair flat.

4: Dab on a bit of facial oil and spread it thinly around your brow to lessen the harshness of plucking.

5: Grab tweezers, stretch your skin gently with your finger to lessen the pain, and pull on each strand one by one.

6: Only remove the hair growing away from your eyebrow.

7: Apply aloe vera gel or any other cooling gel to fight the redness and soothe your skin.

Thought it’d be harder, didn’t you? For decades, we did too. Turns out, brow shaping is just about loving yourself. Let your own brows be your guide. If your brows are too badly formed, an eyebrow stencil would help you create natural-looking eyebrow shapes.