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Read To find out the Perfect Eyebrow Shape for Your Face

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Is there such a thing as the perfect eyebrow? YES! But what’s right for you depends largely on your face shape so it what’s good for your best friend or sister won’t be the same. It’s not a one-size fits all. Thank God we’ve grown past that and those pencil-thin brows of the 90s. Not sure what your face shape is? Check our list below and see which description best fits you.

  •       Oval

This face shape narrows slightly and softly at the chin with the forehead just a bit wider than the chin.

If you have this face shape, you’d be happy to hear you’d look great with just about any brow style! However, try to keep it from very angular styles. Take advantage of your soft features and emphasize them.

  •        Rectangle

Your forehead, cheeks and chin are more or less the same in width with the chin curving a bit.

The strong features here mean you’ve got two options: go with an equally strong brow or aim to soften your features with a curved one. When choosing the latter, remember to avoid the rainbow shape.

  •        Heart

A narrow chin with a much wider forehead is considered heart-shaped.

Use your eyebrows to create more balance with the illusion of a narrower forehead and a less sharp chin. Opt for a curved brow but keep the arch low. Too straight would only make your forehead look even wider and high curves would bring emphasis to the contrast in your features.

  •        Long

The shape describes your face in a nutshell. One look and you’ll know.

Make it look shorter with thick, straight eyebrows. The flat lines help to cut the length.

  •        Round

Cheeks are where the face is its widest.

Have a professional create angled eyebrows with high arches for a longer face. Follow the simple rule of creating more edges to avoid having your face look rounder than it is. Also, keep away from straight and flat brows because your face would seem short.

These guidelines, by the way, were designed with eyebrows for women in mind. It could be a different story for men. If you’re still confused and sticking to a tight budget, best to have your brows professionally done and then maintain it yourself at home.


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