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The Ups and Downs of Having Eyelash Extensions

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We know those celebrities and Instagram pictures look just so good, but are eyelash extensions really all that? Take note we’re not talking about "falsies" that you can take off at the end of the day. We’re discussing semi-permanent lashes that can last up to 12 weeks. In this list is all you need to know to decide if they’re for you or not.



It cuts down your makeup routine.

In fact, you go to sleep looking fabulous and wake up just as gorgeous! Late nights? Rushing for work? Not good with mascara? No sweat. Your beautiful lashes keep you from worrying about all that by giving you an extra 20 minutes or more of your mornings. There’s a little more time to sleep in, get to work without rushing and not having to deal with messy mascara.


You get long, full lashes instantly!

With lash extensions, there’s no waiting around for weeks or months before they grow to your desired length. If you don’t like waiting that long and want to flutter your eyes at someone, this is what you’re looking for.


You won’t have the same eyelashes as everyone.

It’s not the same as falsies. Each lash is individually glued onto your natural lashes. When you go for your appointment, the aesthetician will ask you question as to what you want for your lashes so they’ll put on your new lashes according to your preferences.



It’s pricey for a regular expense.

Your first appointment will cost you give or take $150 and then another $100 every 2-3 weeks. The lashes do last up to 12 weeks but they usually start falling out and after a couple weeks or cross each other and look weird.


There are certain lash extension care rules you need to follow.

After you get lashes attached, you shouldn’t bathe for 12-24 hours to avoid washing the adhesive off. You also need to avoid letting water directly hit them at all, even past 12-24 hours. The extensions need regular combing and conditioning with a brush and special conditioner you’ll be given after that initial session. Blow drying them can prevent the lashes from crisscrossing.


You can’t remove any of the extensions yourself.

No matter what happens, resist the urge to just pluck them off. Keep in mind that they’re attached to your natural lashes so any pulling would harm your real eyelashes. In most cases, you’d pull off both, damaging your eyes, instead of enhancing them. A professional needs to do the job.


You can no longer use oil-based eye makeup remover.

If you want any makeup on your eyes at all, it will take longer to remove them, having to use less effective solutions. Speaking of makeup, did we mention that you can only use specially-formulated mascaras for extensions?


If it fits your budget, you want more time in the morning, and you don’t mind the extra care, then you would want to consider getting those lash extensions. You shouldn’t when it sounds too costly, too restrictive, too risky, and you think you look fine without them.

There’s no one definition of beauty and there’s no sense of trying to fit into a mold if you’ll be unhappy the whole time. You can also have those eyelashes the natural way. What matters is you feel good in the long run.


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