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These tips will teach you on how to properly care for your eyebrows.

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Have a professional shape them.

When a task has to be done right, we don’t do it ourselves. We see the masters of the craft. They know what the right brow shape and thickness would frame our face best. Ask them about it so you know if they understand what you need and you can pick the most skilled among a few.

Get them threaded, not waxed.

Steer your eyebrows clear of the wax. It’s dangerous to put that near your eyes. Other than it might get in, the skin there is very sensitive. You risk tearing a nerve from the area.

Keep a tweezer at home.

Some days you have to rush to the office or a party and there’s no time to head to a salon. The tweezer will save you on these emergency cases. Use a fairly new pair, not one you’ve had for years, for hygiene. Make sure to do it after a warm shower so your hair is softer and the pores at the roots are larger. Carefully pull in the same direction the strand is growing to avoid injuries.

Brush your eyebrows daily.

Spoolies and specially designed brushes are made for these but a soft, fine-toothed comb would do the trick. Ideally, do this in the morning, after your bath or before you leave the house. If your brows are particularly unruly, a quick pump of hairspray would keep them in place.

Remove makeup thoroughly.

Don’t leave traces of them on when you go to sleep. This prevents your hair from growing and knock them out of place unless you’re dressing like a Halloween werewolf. Yes, including moisturizers. They’re meant for your skin, not hair strands.

Trim your brows.

Are you one of those who have naturally thick brows? Great! Just check their length every few days. When they’re growing faster than you’d like to visit the salon, trim them yourself by simply following the shape. Clean the scissors first. Buy those small ones intended for this.

Give your eyebrows the right treatment.

Same as how we religiously hunt for hair products that match our needs, we need to nourish our eyebrows, keep them healthy and encourage hair growth. Eyebrow serums provide the right nutrients hair requires. Choose one  formulated with only natural ingredients. We’re always continuously learning about new and better ways to care for ourselves, whether it’s the skin, our hair, or our health. If you haven’t been doing these steps, don’t worry. You’re certainly not alone. Over the years, some tips change as more research is done. As long you keep an open mind and a gentle attitude towards yourself, you’ll be fine.

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