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What to Expect When Eyebrow Threading for the First Time

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Each one of us have our go-to’s when shaping our brows but we swear by this method. It’s cheaper than microblading but just as effective. Eyebrow threading does a lot less damage than waxing and gives naturally defined arches.

If you’re a bit apprehensive, we have the low-down on what you should anticipate, especially during your first session.


There’s some pain.

We’ll level with you. Depending on your tolerance, it’s admittedly painful but bearable, especially if you do it frequently. Let’s say four to five weeks. The longer you wait in-between appointments, the more it’d hurt because they’d be longer and thicker with more strands to pluck.


Your brow will dictate the shape.

It’s not really your call. You can specify what you want to a certain point but the professional would be relying on your natural shape. Instead of asking your preference, they’d most likely just get down to working. Think of it as simply enhancing your beauty, rather than changing how you look. Relax. Like we said, they’re professionals.


You can maintain it yourself, if you want to.

It’s easy! Just use a pair of tweezers and pluck the hair that grows outside the borders. It’s a beauty hack that will save you cash by lengthening the time needed in between threading sessions. When in doubt, though, best to wait for the next time you visit the salon.


There will be side effects during the process.

Threading sometimes triggers reactions from your body such as a tear or more flowing from the pain, redness, and sneezing. How badly are these, you ask? It’s really case-to-case. Sneezing eventually calms down enough so your therapist can go on threading.


Salons offer additional services.

You’ll definitely be offered aloe vera gel afterwards. Always accept it to soothe your skin, and lessen the redness faster. Some would also volunteer to fill in your brows but definitely avoid applying concealer or other makeup products on/near the threaded area. Other places would give you a head massage afterwards.


We wouldn’t recommend it if we didn’t think it was worth the time, money and pain. Can’t wait to see those on fleek brows!


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