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7 Autumn Skin Care Tips You Should Start Doing or Prepping For

2 min read

How you should care for your skin this autumn!

Your skin has different needs now! As the season changes, your skin will be dealing with a different environment made up of various other sets of factors that the previous season didn’t have. Here’s what your skin regimen should begin looking like:

  1.     Switch up your products!

If your exfoliating products were great for a good scrub on a hot, sunny day, you’ll want those that are gentler on the skin and more moisturizing for the colder seasons. Also, opt for calming scents.

  1.     Keep exfoliating.

Even with gentler products, you should still be removing those dead skin cells 2-3 times a week. Skipping this part of skincare can dry your skin because they prevent the absorption of moisture from your products.

  1.     Maintain that sunscreen.

Sadly, UV rays don’t let up even when skies aren’t as clear or blue. In fact, people tend to get worse sunburns on cloudy days because they mistake cloud cover for a sufficient UV ray block. Guard your skin as much as you do in summer.

  1.     Put on facial oil.

It’s added nourishment for the skin and locks in moisture. Be sure to do this after applying moisturizer and not before if your oil is thick. Apply before the moisturizer if your oil is thin and light but always after cleansing.

  1.     Use natural lip balm.

The colder air will chap your lips if you don’t protect them. A good lip balm won’t just shield it from the chill but also hydrate it so it softens and retains youthfulness. Choose one with natural ingredients. Avoid petroleum jelly because it prevents your skin from breathing.

  1.     Carry hand cream wherever you go.

Apply it at least once a day. It’s also nice to touch up on that moisture for your hands just like we do with our makeup a bit throughout the day. Pick a soothing one that will give your hands a break in between work.

  1.     Apply cuticle oil.

Give your nails a break in between mani-pedi sessions and treat them with cuticle oil. You’re not just letting your nails breathe, but also giving them the right nutrients so they’re soft and healthy.

What’s the lesson we learned today? The key is to pack on the nourishment and hydration to avoid dry skin! Use products that are made with natural ingredients so it’s good for your skin.


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