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These EyeBrow Styles Will Totally Complement You.



A simple tip to follow when choosing a brow shape is to make sure the brows are a different shape from the face so that they complement each other.




  • Cheeks are wider than the hairline
  • Chin tapers to a point
  • Prominent cheekbones
  • Widow’s peak


    A rounded, low-arched brow is a perfect match.  The curve of the brow creates a soft, natural look and mimics the heart look which flows with the face.




    • Face shape looks like an upside down egg
    • Considered the ideal face shape


    Try the soft angled eyebrow shape. It goes straight up, then gently curves round at the top and down.




    • Face is equally long and wide
    • No major points or angles
    • Rounded jaw and chin


    The goal is to make the face look less round and appear longer. Make sure your brows are very angular. This lengthens and adds definition to the face.




    • Has a square jaw
    • Face is equally long and wide
    • Has sharp, defined angles


    The soft rounded brows is a good choice for this face shape because it soften’s the face’s stronger features. Brows shouldn’t be too angular or too round.




    • Features are vertically stretched out
    • Face is twice as long as it is wide


    A straight brow would make the face appear shorter. Extend the tails of your brows in order to play up your horizontal features. Extend it beyond the corner of the eye but too long that it makes the eye look droopy.


    So go ahead and start shaping ‘em brows. The important thing is that no matter what shape you choose, you’ll feel confident  showing them off to the world!


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