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Finally wear those revealing outfits!

2019 Styling Tips

There’s no one bra for all occasions…yet. The Strapless Lift Bra does come pretty close, especially with those beautiful tops and dresses that reveal more skin than an ordinary bra would allow. Here are some for your next OOTD.

  1.    Backless Halter Dress

Classy and sexy, this look will have all eyes on you and…that bra sticking out behind you. Nope, that nude color isn’t fooling anyone, even if it matches your skin color perfectly. Save yourself the embarrassment and avoid ruining your red-carpet moment by wearing a bra that gives the right support while being completely invisible.

  1.    Plunge Tops

Sexy, daring, and fierce! It’s absolutely not a day for the average bra to be ruining with coverage we don’t need in this case. Bare a little more cleavage without the sagging-boobs effect with our Strapless Lift Bra to keep your breasts perky.

  1.    Sweetheart Neckline Outfits

It’s a romantic classic that’s been loved since as early as the 1500s and for a good reason. Any female would exude an allure of coyness and sexuality at once with this cut. A big factor behind it is the emphasis of the décolletage, revealing the neck and the collarbone. For sleeveless and strapless tops, the shoulders are exposed, too.

  1.    Sheer Top

Fashion these days are getting edgier and bolder. Designers have managed to blur the lines between subtle and explicit, making for exciting pieces like sheer tops. While wearing bras under it is now acceptable, some designs, like lace or embroidered patterns, require something less obvious.

Of course, you’re more than welcome to wear the Strapless Lift Bra under other clothes as well. We don’t blame you. It’s less hassle to wear, holds your bosom up, and provides less risk for wardrobe malfunctions. Wearing the right underwear gives you a lot of confidence, even if you’re the only person who knows what’s under. Think of it as a dirty little secret.

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