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How to Have Naturally Beautiful Eyelashes


Our health is very interlinked so if you want one body part to be at its best, whether it’s your skin, lashes or anything else, you need to be healthy inside and out. Read on for our advice:

  1.      Eat a healthy diet.

The food you eat affects your hair follicles more than you know. They need nutrition, too! How else do they stay in good shape? Konmari your fridge and throw away that junk food. Eat whole foods, hydrate and avoid the sugar.

  1.      Drink green tea.

It’s rich in catechins which prevent hair loss and keeps your scalp healthy so you don’t get dandruff. Green tea is also known for Vitamin B, making your hair smooth and strong. It also has healing properties for your hair to recover from damage. Applying chilled tea on your lashes using cotton is also one way of making sure your strands drink up.

  1.      Take your Vitamin E.

It acts as an antioxidant keeping you youthful, which includes encouraging your hair growth. Vitamin E keeps your hair follicles strong and healthy because of alpha-tocopherol.  Some massage Vitamin E oil into their hair and leave it overnight. If you want, use a few drops on your lashes.

  1.      Remove makeup using natural methods.

Avoid leaving your mascara on overnight because they can dry out your hair follicles, making them brittle and prone to breakage. Look for an all-natural makeup remover. Alternatives are olive oil and coconut oil. Lightly wipe the lashes in a downwards motion.

  1.      Book a massage.

Pampering yourself has health benefits. A massage improves blood circulation, helping nutrients spread across the body faster. The gentle pressure on your head aids the hair to absorb more vitamins and minerals. It takes a lot of time for results to show but is very effective.

Be patient with your eyelashes but most of all be patient with yourself. All good things come to those who wait, as they say. If you want to give your lashes added nutrients, use an eyelash serum that’s easy-to-apply. Think of it as your multivitamins for your lashes. Pretty soon, you won’t be needing those eyelash extensions.


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