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Lash extensions gone wrong


Women go to great lengths (pun intended) for their lashes. Magnetic lashes, mascara, falsies and now, extensions, are de rigueur eyelash enhancers. The end results are usually lovely, luscious and long lashes that add drama and allure to the entire look.

Unfortunately, some of these procedures don’t always end up perfect.

Here are some eyelash horror stories, right in time for Halloween!

Bizarrely Blind. Three months before her wedding, Louise Jackson had trial eyelash extensions done. After the entire procedure ended, she excitedly faced the mirror to see the finished result.

Except that she couldn’t open her eyes. They were completely glued shut!

As the tech pried the lashes apart with tweezers, Louise could feel her skin being pulled. It wasn’t just her lashes that were stuck together, her lids were, too!

“I screamed in pain. When I was finally able to open my eyes, dozens of my own lashes had been pulled out. There were gaps in the upper and lower lids.”

Louis left the salon with glue still burning her eyes. When she got home, she tried to remove the glue with baby oil but couldn’t. She decided to go to the hospital only to discover that the salon must have used a tough glue to attach the lashes. The chemicals needed to dissolve the glue made the pain worse. And to top it all off, the tech scratched Louise’s eyeballs with tweezers, too!

Ghastly Glue. After 42-year old Jane Rolf had her lash extensions, she experienced a painful allergic reaction that caused blisters beneath her eyes. When she woke up the next morning, her eyes were stinging, bloodshot and severely irritated.

Realizing that it was the glue used in the procedure, she rushed back to the salon to get the extensions removed. However, the woman who did the procedure told her that the reaction was normal.

As time passed, the skin around her eyes swelled and a rash appeared on her face.

“The whole experience was harrowing. My GP advised me to go back to the salon to remove the extensions but they wouldn't do it and told me to go home and try to remove them myself. It took me 5 hours to remove them, using only soap and water, and it was an excruciatingly painful experience.”

After the lashes were removed, the rash and irritation got worse. Her doctor had to put her on steroids and antihistamines before they gradually subsided.

The Eerie Eyeball.  “It was the worst experience of my life.” said a woman who was an old hand at wearing eyelash extensions. The cause? A rogue eyelash found its way beneath the skin of her eye. She experienced severe irritation as soon as the lash entered her eye.

She tried to flush it out and rub it away but it stayed stuck there. Eventually, she decided to see an ophthalmologist who told her the alarming news. The eyelash was actually embedded in her eye! The whites of her eyes were growing over the eyelash and the doctor had to remove the foreign object using a needle.

Lesson Learned: No matter how beautiful your lashes turn out to be after getting eyelash extensions, there is always the danger of the procedure going wrong.

Putting foreign objects, especially eyelash extensions, is risky. Especially since your eyes are very delicate. Some products may cause an allergic reaction and bacteria can get caught in them, causing eye infections. It can also cause eye injury. Plus, the weight of the extensions puts stress on the hair follicle, making it fall out. Instead of making your lashes fuller, it can actually make them grow thinner.

So why not opt for a safer, more natural way of getting those long lashes you covet?

Get it now and have super long lashes on Halloween.

One swipe along the upper lash line every day for two weeks, and you’ll already see results. No irritation, allergy, pain or danger of your eyes getting glued shut together.


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