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Shedding some light on Illuminators

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Shedding some light on Illuminators


Did you now that there is yet another beauty product that can give you glowing, radiant skin? 

They’re called Illuminators. And although they sound like some lighting device that’s used in a photo shoot or movie set, the effect you get on your skin is close enough to the photoshopped complexion of a model or movie star - perfection.

Illuminators are used to highlight certain areas that play off light like your cheekbones, brow-bones and yes even your cleavage! When light lands on the part of your face that has been “illuminated”, it makes it more prominent and pronounced. 

But like most makeup, it takes trial and error to achieve your desired result. No matter how many beauty vlogs you watch, it will require some practice to get it right.

So to help you get started, here are some tips and tricks on the use of illuminators:

  1. Do not use it as a foundation. It is meant to complement your base, so apply regular tinted moisturizer or foundation first. Then look in the mirror to see where the light hits. Those are the areas where you’ll want to apply the illuminator.

  2. Application is usually done under the brow bone to accentuate the arch, above the cheekbones to make it look sharper, and down the bridge of the nose to make it narrower. Be sure to blend the illuminator well.

  3. Your illuminator shouldn’t exactly be the same shade as your base, or else it won’t be visible at all. It shouldn’t be darker either since you are trying to create a highlight and not a shaded effect. Soft pink or light gold colors usually work for most.

  4. The right color should blend with your base but should look luminous as the light lands on it. For those with oily skin, you may add on a translucent powder, so it doesn’t look too shiny and the light can still pass through.

  5. Using a stick or pen illuminator is best because the application is more precise. But if you just want a golden glow, use a powder, cream or liquid variant. Make sure to mix it with a moisturizer to tone down the effect.


Now that you have an idea of how to apply an illuminator why not try it during your next makeup sesh? We promise you’ll be quite pleased with how luminous and lovely your skin will look.