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These facts about your eyelashes will surprise you.


Would you pluck out your eyelashes if I told you it looked good on you and it was the hottest craze? That’s what happened once upon an era. Our eyelashes may be small and harmless but they’ve received a lot of attention in how society defines beauty. Here are some facts you should know about one of the most loved (and hated, at one point) body parts:

One eye has hundreds of lashes.

    The top lid alone has 200-300 lashes while the lower has a hundred. Multiply that by two for both eyes you’ve nearly got a thousand little strands of hair on your clinging to your eyelids.

    Longest eyelash recorded was 12.4 cm!

      The woman’s name is You Jianxia from China. Her eyelashes could almost reach her chin! Yes, her natural eyelash just beat your extensions. Eyelashes on most people usually don’t reach a centimeter. Lower lashes and those at the sides are even shorter.

      Eyelash styling has been around since 4000 B.C.

        We should’ve expected the Ancient Egyptians to have started it, especially with a queen like Cleopatra. Back then, both men and women were in on the beauty fad but it served more than that. It helped protect their eyes from the harsh sun. We don’t know, though, how well modern mascara would help you in the summer.

        Eyelashes were believed to be a symbol of purity.

          Pliny the Elder, a Roman philosopher, believed that too much sexual activity would cause them to fall out. It prompted the country’s women to pay particular attention to them because bold lashes were a telltale sign of virginity.

          In the middle ages, women plucked them out completely.

            Yep, including their eyebrows. People at the time saw the forehead as the sexiest part of a woman and they did what they could to emphasize it. With all forms of facial hair out of the way, the forehead appeared bigger and more attractiveat least to them.

            We bet you’ll never think of your eyelashes the same way again. It’s nice to revisit history and realize how far we’ve come. We’re crossing fingers we’ll never go back to that no-eyelash-no-eyebrow phase again. ‘Til the next info drop!

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