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Six tips for firmer skin



Your skin sagging is part of the natural process of aging. While it shouldn’t be a flaw to look down on, there’s also nothing wrong with taking care of yourself and preventing this. Here are easy ways you can do it without having to spend huge amounts of money at the dermatologist.


1. Always put on SPF.

Make sure it’s SPF30, so you’re sure of better protection while offering the best worth for your money. Exposure to the heat is always the main reason for SPF50 gives only a 1% increase in UV ray protection compared to SPF30, which is very minimal.


2. Use an eye cream that has caffeine and either retinol or peptides.

Caffeine takes care of the eyebags and dark circles while peptides and retinol re-stimulates collagen and elastin production, which end at the age of 18 years. Collagen is responsible for making your skin firm and compromises 80% of a person’s skin.

If you can’t find an eye cream with those ingredients, cold green tea bags make good substitutes. Freeze them overnight then soak them in water before applying them over your eyelids. Wearing sunglasses during the day also help dry the skin around your eyes.


3. Check if your neck muscles are relaxed.

You could be unintentionally keeping your neck muscles tensed. Being connected to your face muscles, they pull them down as they’re strained. Women tend to do this during activities such as exercise.


4. Slather on the moisturizer.

As long as you keep your skin from becoming dehydrated, you’d essentially be fighting off free radicals, which hasten the aging process. When you’re skin dries, oxidative stress, or the imbalance of antioxidants and free radicals, increases.


5. Keep smoking and drinking to a minimum.

The science backs it. Once you hit adulthood, the body stops making collagen. Smoking and drinking destroy whatever collagen you have left. That adds on to the degeneration that naturally occurs beginning at the age of 30.


6. Use a facial massage tool.

Getting a professional to do it regularly can be costly, but you can save a ton of money when you have an electric face massager at home. It’s compact enough for storage and travel and waterproof.

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