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4 Steps for that Chic Fall 2019 Makeup

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4 Steps for that Chic Fall 2019 Makeup

How to achieve a chic fall look


Update your look so you don’t seem like you get left behind in mid-2019. Here’s an easy guide to how your makeup should be this season and what brush to use.

Step 1: Experiment with bright eyeliners.

Kohl is a safe pick and will always be a staple for the colder seasons but a pop of color is what the gloomy weather really needs. Use the Wing Eyeliner Brush to make it easier to apply right above your lash line.

Step 2: Switch to mauve eyeshadow.

If you’re on the fence about darker colors because you’re a summer beach girl inside out, mauve is a safe color. It’s not too dark but not too light. It’s easy enough to apply with a Medium Eyeshadow Brush. The slight fan design allows you to add just the right amount of product. If you’re mixing it with another color, say brown, remember to use an Eye Blender Brush to blend the colors seamlessly.

Step 3: Keep your cheeks looking rosy.

We want to stay looking healthy, especially as the skin becomes paler in the cold months. Get that flush by applying pink blush on the apples of your cheeks. The chill-hitting-your-face kind of look is in so swipe that color until your temples. We don’t want subtle here.

Step 4: Go for darker lips.

Think burgundy, rich red, plum, and maroon. That goes for lipsticks, lip glosses, and lip tints. It’ll complement your lighter complexion so brave the waters and opt for a bold lip. A lip brush will help for accurate and even application. It’s great with liquid, and tube lipsticks.

Opt for moisturizing makeup to avoid drying out your skin, prep sufficiently before applying any, and then treating your skin after by washing it all off and hydrating. Ready to slay the incoming autumn days?