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Proper Mascara Hygiene: How to Keep Your Mascara Clean

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Proper Mascara Hygiene: How to Keep Your Mascara Clean

Proper Mascara Care

When reusing anything, there’s always the possibility of spreading germs, catching a cold from a friend, or triggering your allergies. Makeup is one of the easy ways in which we put ourselves at risk every day, particularly mascara. Guard your health against the world while enjoying gorgeous eyes without a worry.

  1.    Keep your eye makeup to yourself.

What we mean is never, ever share it. Bacteria can easily be passed via makeup, especially for eye products, causing sicknesses, breakouts, and other problems. Consider it self-love and put yourself first. You’re also doing others a favor, even when it doesn’t feel like it in the moment.

  1.    Freeze your mascara overnight.

It kills all the germs and bacteria in the freezer without damaging your mascara. Remember to take it out first thing in the morning so it’ll have melted by the time you’re done changing and ready to use first thing in the morning.

  1.    Remove the glue when reusing falsies.

We love the extra length and volume with that easy glam look false eyelashes provide. If you’re reusing them, remove the glue from the previous use, especially before you apply mascara. Otherwise, you’ll be spreading germs across your lashes that caught on your falsies the day before.

  1.    Regularly clean your spoolie!

This depends on how often you use mascara and the quality of the product. A safe bet would be when it starts to clump around the brush. Wash it so none of it transfers to your lashes for a messy and unhygienic look.

  1.    Use brush shampoo when cleaning your spoolie.

It’s easy to fall back on using regular shampoo, handsoap or whatever is on hand when on a budget. However, like how hair products each have their purpose, brush shampoo does, too. Invest in it for a quick clean that you’re sure works.

Sanitation is as important as beauty. The crown we wear is confidence but the sexy stilettos that keep us standing are our good health and hygiene.