Top 8 Tips for Longer, Healthier Lashes

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Top 8 Tips for Longer, Healthier Lashes - ForChics


Hey, babe. Trying to grow out those lashes to achieve that long, wispy Jenner-esque look, without getting eyelash extensions?

You might think - that's not possible. But it is! We gotchu, sis.


Here are our Top 8 Lash Tips:

  1. Yeah, you should ditch the extensions...  This might seem counter-intuitive, but the first thing you should do to get longer and healthier lashes is to ditch the eyelash extensions. Sure, they give you immediate length and make you look like a fairy-tale princess, but they are not sustainable. Lash extensions make your lashes fall out before they have finished their natural cycle, and prolonged extension-use can cause some serious harm to your lashes. What if I told you that you could wake up with longer lashes every morning the natural way? Well, you can. Which brings us to... 
  1. ForLash, obvi. We designed ForLash to give your lashes all the nutrients that they need to thrive. Applying ForLash every night keeps your lashes moisturized, primed and nourished. Our special formula even extends your natural lash cycle, meaning your lashes will stick around longer than if you weren't using ForLash.


ForLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum


  1. Take off your mascara delicately! That's right. How you take your mascara off really affects your lash health. If you are harsh with your lashes during removal, you might end up removing more than your make-up... yikes 😫 We recommend using an oil-based make-up remover and gently massaging it into your lashes. Then, follow up with a gentle cleanser! Give yourself the same amount of self-love that DJ Khalid gives himself when you remove your mascara. 

  1. Speaking of mascara... Make sure your mascara uses CLEAN ingredients and supports the overall health of your lashes. Things to look for? Natural waxes and pigments. Some great natural waxes include Candelilla, Carnauba, and Earth Wax. Also, looking for haircare actives is a plus!!
  1. No tossing and turning! Yes, sleeping on the side of your face has been proven to be bad for beauty overall. It causes uneven lines. And, tossing and turning in the middle of the night might leave your lashes feeling vulnerable. How to cure this? Get deeper sleep! Turn the screens of 1+ hr before bed and try a guided meditation or Yoga Nidra before bed! Your lashes, and body will thank you 🙏

  1. Ditch the curler! Your eyelash curler might be causing more damage than good. Look for a mascara that uses hard natural waxes that will keep your lashes curled and in position all day long! Bonus points if it adds length to your lashes. 
  1. Prime Your Lashes! Just like the hair on your head needs conditioner, so do your lashes! Make sure to keep those puppies primed and moisturized! ForLash also acts as a lash conditioner, so you can kill two birds with one stone.  
  1. Take collagen and biotin. Both of these supplements are GREAT for longer and healthier hair, on all parts of your body! According to Healthline"Keratin is a basic protein that makes up your hair, skin, and nails. It's clear that biotin improves your body's keratin infrastructure." Not to toot our own horn yet again, but ForLash contains Biotin, so you can put that nutritious goodness directly on your lashes! 


There you have it! Make sure to remove your make-up carefully, use a conditioner and lash serum, and make sure to fuel your body with the right nutrients. 

At ForChics, we've got something up our sleeve for you to add to the list above. We are dropping a revolutionary new product on 9.15.20 that will change the lash growth game forever. Any guesses on what it is? Follow along on our Instagram to get some clues. 

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