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Better Than Falsies Mascara (Wholesale)

[Limited Units Available] Instantly create the look of falsies with our ground-breaking mascara powered by healing plant-based technology that won't smudge or dry your lashes out!

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Key Ingredients

Carnauba Acid Wax - Extracted from the leaves of a plant grown only in the northeastern Brazil for its hypoallergenic and emollient properties as well as its shine.

Candelilla Cera - The great vegan alternative to beeswax is obtained from the wild plant Euphorbia Cerifera. Protects and moisturizes the skin, creating a thick texture that is easily absorbed.

Tocopherols - A form of vitamin E that can help improve overall scalp and hair health.

Full Ingredient List: Aqua, Carnauba Acid Wax, Candelilla Cera, Ceresin, Stearic Acid, PEG-10 Glyceryl Stearate, PEG-10 Propylene Glycol, Tocopherol, VP/DMAPA Acrylates Copolymer, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Alumina Magnesium Metasilicate, Triethanolamine

The First Mascara That Heals

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Grow Lashes With Our Hydrating Mascara

Other mascaras dry you out... Better Than Falsies Mascara creates the perfect growth environment for your lashes using hydrating plant botanicals.

Your Concern

Short or Dry Lashes

Our Treatment

Candelilla Cera, Carnauba Wax, Vitamin E

The Result

Healthy, Long, Luscious Lashes

Growth Guarantee

At ForChics, we have great confidence in our products. With that said, we know that every human is different, and we want to take that into account.

This means, if you don’t get results with our products, you will get your money back!

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Better Than Falsies Mascara (Wholesale)
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