Invest In Quality Supplements

Your brows will start growing exponentially if you invest in quality supplements and take them consistently. The key hair-growing ingredients you’ll need to look out for are biotin, and vitamins B and D.

Have Weekly Oil Treatments

Your brows will love a weekly oil treatment, Chic! Every Sunday, apply an oil like castor or macadamia onto your brows and let it sit for a few hours. Your brow hair will start to feel far more hydrated and, after a few months, they’ll start to thicken, look healthier, and become glossier.

Comb Your Brows

Did you know that combing your brow hair helps to stimulate your blood capillaries, increasing your blood circulation and the transportation of nutrients to the stem, root, and bulb of your strands? And this, in turn, boosts your brow growth. Try to brush your eyebrows with a spoolie every night as part of your evening self-care routine.

Use A Natural Brow Serum Daily

Applying a growth serum once a day can be a total game-changer when it comes to thickening up your brows. Avoid ones that are packed full of chemicals and instead look for a natural formula,like ForBrow. Our top-rated growth serum is powered by 100% natural ingredients, including plant-rich peptides and botanicals!