Almost everything has taken on a Christmas vibe these past few weeks.

I bet even your clothes are color-coordinated in shades of red, green, gold. white and silver. So if you’ve got your Christmas look all figured out, have you given any thought to your eye lashes? There’s so much you can do with your lashes these days, why not get really creative and go all Christmas-sy with her royal lashness?

Here’s how:

Lead with Led. Led eyelashes will definitely light up the night, especially when you’re at a glow-in-the-dark party. They would look equally great when the party is outdoors or when the ambiance is on the dark side.


Golden Girl. Why not do a Lady Gaga at the Met and rock your own gold lashes, but in a less “look at me” kind of way. They will certainly add some sparkle and shine to your peepers, as well as some glitz and glam to any look.

Let it Snow. Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? Do you love gathering snowdrops on your tongue? Then do the same with your lashes! Embrace the whiteness and make a statement with your lashes by creating a gathering of faux snowdrops at the tips.

Fun & Frozen. Elsa would be so proud of you and your lashes. You can go with some white snow bunny lashes and pair it with some blue and white eyeshadow. Make sure to add touches of blue on the lashes itself to make them look like they froze in place.

Dainty Decor. Use paper lashes to decorate your lashes like it’s a Christmas tree. But do it in black to make it more dramatic and mysterious. Paper lashes are a thing now and they are so fun and funky, they’re perfect for any Christmas party!

There’s no doubt that the most wonderful time to experiment with your lashes is most certainly during Christmas. So to make sure your lashes are up for it, start using an effective eyelash enhancing serum as early as now to get your lashes ready in time for the holidays!