Take a Biotin supplement every day

Did you know that Biotin supplements stimulate eyelash growth in exactly the same way they stimulate the growth of the hair on your head?

So taking a Biotin supplement once a day is a great way to boost the thickness of your lashes. 

✅ Apply mascara with care

Mascara can be really tough on your lashes. If you apply mascara from the root to the tip, it can be really abrasive, causing tearing and making your lash line sparser. 

To avoid this, make sure you only apply mascara to the tips of your lashes instead!

✅ Use ForLash Enhancing Serum

With one swipe daily, our lash enhancing serum delivers powerful peptides, natural plant botanicals and nutrients directly to your hair follicles to support your eyelashes’ natural renewal cycle. 

The result? Longer, thicker and healthier lashes in 30 days



❌ Use eyelash curlers the wrong way

Yes, we all love curling our lashes! But did you know that you must never ever curl them after you have applied your mascara?

Doing so will damage your eyelash cuticles and cause your lashes to break. 

Wear eye makeup to bed

After a long day at work, none of us feel like taking our makeup off - especially when it's stubborn waterproof mascara.

However, if your mascara-coated eyelashes crunch against your pillow, it causes your lashes to break and become more brittle.

Rip your falsies off

So you’ve been out ALL night and you can’t wait to get your falsies off ASAP so you can sleep. But if you rip them off, you actually take some of your natural lashes with them. 

The best way to remove falsies is to soak a Q-tip in a cleanser and run in along the adhesive in your lash line to weaken it.