Over the years, eyebrow styles have certainly evolved. And despite the constant changes, there are trends that are back in fashion. From the dramatic arches of yesteryear to the bold, bushy looks of today. 

Let’s take a peek at the evolution of eyebrow trends - who started it all and how far we’ve come.

  1. Twiggy and the 60s

The swinging 60s.  Everyone took their cue from Twiggy, a British model and cultural icon. Her fashion style was brief, bare and daring,  with her false eyelashes and exaggerated eye makeup. Her eyebrows were thin with a tiny bit of arch near the tail - a style which the entire generation took on as their own. 

  1. The 80’s - All About Brooke

In the 80s, people were embracing the natural growth of their eyebrows. Brooke Shields led the way with her bushy, untamed brows. Her look inspired generations of women, making them realize that there was nothing wrong with bold, striking eyebrows. In fact, the more authentic they looked, the better. 

  1. Kate Ruled The 90s

Although thin eyebrows had their heyday during the 60s, they came back with a vengeance in the 90s - with a slight difference -- the brows were even thinner and had a longer tail as a finishing touch. Kate Moss’ wispy brows were a prime example. It’s been said that, as a teen, Olivia Wide over-tweezed her brows so she could look like Kate Moss!

  1. Kylie and Kendall In 2000 

Posting your brows on Instagram is here to stay. But the style won’t necessarily stay the same. The current look is sculpted and picture-perfect, with an angled arch, to give it that artistic touch. Kylie and Kendall Jenner have perfected this style and millions of women are trying their best to mimic it.  

  1. Cara Delevingne. ‘Nuff Said

Who would have thought that thick eyebrows would make a comeback in 2020? We’ve got Cara Delevingne to thank for that. Those bold, unapologetic eyebrows are not afraid to be different. They’re bushy yet well maintained, making them look naturally pretty and fuss-free.    

So whether you’re feeling the pencil-thin eyebrow look of the past, or the strong, bold look of the present, the important thing is your eyebrows need to start off thick and healthy. 

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