Beautiful Eyebrows: What It Really Takes To Get Them

Beautiful Eyebrows: What It Really Takes To Get Them

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Beautiful, natural-looking brows are one of the industry’s hottest trends right now. Cosmetics advertised to make eyebrows thicker, darker, and more shapely are everywhere. It seems that everyone wants the perfect brow, but what is a perfect brow, and how do you achieve the look? 

What Defines Beautiful Eyebrows?

The beauty industry tells us that people with the perfect brows are the ones we see on TV, on the runways, and in commercials. This standard is not realistic, and we should never try to change ourselves to fit an ideal of beauty. 

Your natural beauty is who you are, and you should embrace it. That said, there’s nothing wrong with enhancing your natural beauty. Eyebrow products and makeup are designed to enhance what you already have. Here are some ways you can enhance your beautiful natural brows.


The shape of your brows is essential. Your eyebrows frame your eyes, so having a brow arch gives the appearance that the eyes are awake and refreshed. There are many ways to achieve the perfect brow shape, such as waxing, threading, and plucking. We will discuss that later.


Eyebrow definition is important because it fills in places with color where the brows are thin and sparse. Whether you’ve over-plucked or you just have thin eyebrows, adding definition helps to balance them out. Add brow definition with brow pencils, pomade, powder, and brow fill pens.


Fluffy, thick brows are advertised as a necessary beauty staple. Brow enhancing serum, fiber brow gels, and brow extensions add texture and thickness to the brows. 

Over-plucking causes brows to become thin and misshapen, so make sure to use caution when plucking your own brows at home.

How to Shape, Define, And Add Texture

You have many options when it comes to eyebrow grooming. Shaping, defining, and adding texture to your brows involves a little work and a few tools.


Tweezing your brows is great because you can do it at home very easily. You’ll need a good pair of tweezers and a steady hand, but other than that, it’s easy. Draw your desired brow shape out over your natural brows and pluck around that area. 

If you’re looking for a more natural shape, simply pluck between the eyebrows and around the brows. Be cautious. 

Over-plucking can be dangerously easy. Don’t pluck your brows using a magnifying mirror, and be conservative with how much you pluck—continued over-plucking causes thinning of the brows.


Perform brow waxing at home with strips or in a salon. Waxing is suitable for people with coarse, thicker brows because it tends to have the most prolonged period between regrowth. 

After the wax is removed, your skin may be red. This redness is a result of the wax tugging at the skin. Apply soothing oil, and after a few minutes, the redness will dissipate. 


Threading is a more advanced technique that is performed at home or in the salon. It involves a single strand of thread that is twisted around the brow hairs to remove them. 

Threading defines the brows and is a quick way to get the look of naturally shaped brows. Make sure that you choose a threading expert that is familiar with the procedure. 

Enhancing Serum

Eyebrow Growth Enhancing Serum is applied directly to the brows one to two times per day to revitalize the hair follicles. It reduces hair loss and restores the natural brows, leaving them fuller, thicker, and darker. 

Some brow serums contain chemicals, so be sure to read the ingredient list. ForChics Brow Enhancing Serum is cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, and paraben-free. It is plant-powered to provide beautiful brows in as little as 30 days.


Eyebrow extensions are fine, tiny hairs glued to individual brow hairs. The results last a few weeks until they shed naturally. When the hairs are glued to the skin, the extensions last between five to 14 days.

How to Properly Shape & Fill Eyebrows

Before you prepare to stand in front of the mirror and shape your brows, determine if they are thick enough to shape. Thinning occurs when the brows are over-plucked or you have certain hair loss conditions

If your brows are on the thin side, try to grow them out before shaping. Use a brow enhancing serum to aid in the process. 

Follow these steps to ensure proper brow shaping when you feel that your brows are thick enough to work with. 

Determine The Shape of Your Face

Your face shape determines which brow shape looks best on you. Find the perfect brow shape for your face.

  • Oval: Flat and soft-angled eyebrow shapes look best on oval-shaped faces. The brows should go up, then slightly curve at the top.
  • Square: Curve, soft, or hard, angled brows are best for square shapes. Avoid thin and short brows.
  • Round: Shape a high arched brow and avoid rounded shapes. Keep the brows in a straight line until you reach the peak of the brow.
  • Heart: Low arch and rounded brows are flattering. Avoid a high arch that will add length to the shape of the face.

Identify The Three Points

Identify the three points you will use to shape your brows. This approach is called the ‘pencil’ method.

  1. Place a pencil along the side of your nose in a straight line. This place is the beginning (inside) of the brow.
  2. Place the pencil along your nose and across the pupil of your eye. This place is the arch (highest point) of your brow.
  3. Move the pencil to the end of your nostril and line it up to the outer edge of your eye. This place is where the brows end.

Pluck And Fill

Grab your tweezers and pluck around your eyebrows in the shape that best fits your face shape. Rub a piece of ice around the area you pluck to reduce redness and swelling. Be careful not to over-pluck your brows. Over-plucking leads to eventual non-growth in that area.

To fill your brows, choose a brow pencil, pomade, or powder in a shade that closely matches your natural hair color. 

  1. Brush your brow hairs up and fill in the bottom curve and any thin areas.
  2. Outline the top and bottom edges of the brows and draw the tail, if needed.
  3. Touch up any areas inside the brow shape that are sparse. Apply concealer around the brows to add definition and a sharper, clean line

    Professional Brow Services

    If you are apprehensive about shaping your own brows, visit a brow artist. A brow artist will walk you through the steps of determining the shape of your face, ideal brow shape, and brow makeup that’s right for you. 

    There are semi-permanent brow procedures available at the salon—these shape and style your brows at a cost much higher than doing your brows at home.


    Microblading is a semi-permanent brow procedure that involves a hand tool that delivers ink under the skin. First, the ideal brow shape is drawn onto your natural brows. Then the brow artist uses the device to tattoo the brows. 

    Thin, hair-like strokes of the hand tool provide realistic ‘hairs’ that form the shape. Microblading lasts 18-30 months.

    Powder Brow

    Powder brows also involve a hand tool and ink. The powder brow technique involves shadowing the shape of the brow onto the brow area. The results are softer and more natural than microblading. Powder brows last one to three years.

    Brow Extensions

    Brow extensions are fine hairs that are glued onto the natural brow hairs to add thickness. These extensions last only a few weeks. If the hairs are glued to the skin, it lasts only five to 14 days.

    Wrap It Up

    Having beautiful brows isn’t impossible, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Once you discover your face shape and brow shape, your perfect set of brows are attainable. If you find that your brows are thin or just want thicker brows, a brow enhancing serum will do the trick. 

    ForChic ForBrow eyebrow enhancing serum is formulated with plant-based active ingredients that stimulate growth. Results within 30 days mean you’ll be on your way to thicker, fuller brows in no time!

    The ForBrow eyebrow fill pen will help you fill in sparse brow areas for 24-hour wear. You will wear your brows confidently without the worry of smudging.

    Enhance your natural beauty with ForChic hair care products crafted with you in mind, inspired by natural beauty.


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