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Waiting does worth

Im using this product for 3 months now and the results I’m having are amazing !! It made my lash longer and fuller after 1,5 months of using the product. I recommend it to everyone, be patient the wait really worth the results 😍


I started using daily just 2 MONTHS AGO and I’ve just compared pictures for the first time and I’m speachless! I hadn’t realised how much it has worked!


It's not like me to do a review but for this I just have too, I've always had short stumpy lashes and never been into the false look so I just made most of what I had, thats until I came across the eyelash serum on here I've been using it for 6 months now and it's just amazing my lashes have never looked so long the bottle lasts me 3 months or so and is well worth the money, I wish I had taken before pic!! ❤


I don't often write reviews, but MAN this stuff works. It took til my second bottle to really notice a huge difference, but I don't wear mascara anymore because then my eyelashes look fake, they're so long. I will say that I haven't noticed much difference in thickness. I have very sensitive skin and eyes, and it makes my eyelids a little red, but I just put it on every other day and it is fine. I get people commenting on my eyelashes all of the time and recommend it to everyone. Just drop the money on it and stop getting fake extensions!


Seriously Amazing! I hardly ever wear mascara anymore! People ask if I'm wearing fake eyelashes!

It actually works

Have used the product for about 6 months every night and have seen big results. Longer lashes and new lashes where it was missing before. Thought it was fake first but can ensure you it works, see the pictures :)
Why it didn’t get 5 stars is lately when I used it is drying out my eyelids, and start to itch. But if you think it worth go for it!


This serum is incredible... I had my doubts, but I can truthfully say I have been proven very wrong! I have been using it for just over 3 months and have seen a more than noticeable difference. Friends and family have wondered where I got my “eyelash extensions” done! My lashes are almost too long to wear my glasses... can’t wait to try the brow serum and pencil next! (Before and after photo attached, wearing the same brand of mascara in both.)

Genuinely so pleased!!

After 4 weeks my eye lashes are almost double in length, stronger, darker, thicker and all bald patches are filled with new lashes. So pleased. Recommend to Everyone!!


Soo amazing😍👍

Finally feeling confident

This serum has helped me so much! My lashes have always been very short and my eyebrows are very fine. I didn't think anything would actually work. I even had my doubts about this brand but I gave it a few months and so far its done so much for me. This picture is without makeup

5* lashes

This is the second time I have purchased Forlash.
Why have I ordered again? Because it's awesome.
After and 3-4 weeks of use, my lashes were longer, darker and more curled.
I had numerous people ask if I had lash extensions.
I've recommended it to so many friends.
I also got the deal and have one for my friend to try.
I do have mascara on in the photos just to show the madness at how long they are!


I have been using this lash enhancing serum for about 4 weeks and WOW! My lashes are so much thicker and longer! Highly, highly recommend!


Since I was little I always had amazing long lashes, but the past year my lashes started to become more and more thin and short. Initially I was skeptical about this, but I decided to give it a try, since there was a 2x1 sale. Just a month later I can say this product is SO AMAZING. My lashes look so good, long, strong and thick that I no longer wear mascara on a daily basis.
Seriously, I'm so impressed and will continue using it. You can clearly see the difference between the first pic and the last two.

Toooo goooddd

I think everyone was a little skeptical about buying it because it might be a waste of money. But it’s not! It’s sooo good, I went to basically non existent eyelashes to lush long eyelashes. Worth your money, results are great!


I was so skeptical but I really wanted longer lashes without the hassle (and cost$) of extensions. I am wearing mascara in both pictures but even with it on, you can tell this product lengthened and filled in my lashes SO MUCH! I am in love!


I was skeptical because of how inexpensive it was. I wanted to try another brand that was $150, but I figured I’d try this out first. I am SO HAPPY I did!! I made a YouTube video for a review about it. Check it out with the link below :)

Really works.

TBH I was skeptical, but the price was so much better than the others so I gave it a try. I didn’t see much of a difference until after a couple weeks (using it consistently every night) but then I started to notice a significant difference! I’ve always had pretty decent eyelashes, but now they’re crazy long and I love it. I’ve been using it a few months now. I keep getting accused of having fake lashes on haha!


Omg I thought this wouldn’t work. I almost returned the product when I got it because I was so skeptical. I gave it a try after my eyelashes falling out. It only took about 2 weeks to see results but it’s absolutely amazing n

Absolutely works!

I was a little skeptical about ordering this. They were having a buy one get one free so I ordered it. So glad I did. This stuff is great. The three pics are before, 4 weeks and 12 weeks.

Best lash serum ever!

Love this! I couldn’t find anything after L’Oréal ended their line. I found this last year, on Facebook so I was skeptical, and went for it. I bought the 2 for a cheaper price and I have never looked back. It’s been amazing and has saved me so much money on not going to the salon. I will never need fake lashes again with this.
(Purple hair is before trying the lash serum, one with chickens is with faux lashes, and the other is with using the serum)


I’ve never written a review for anything. Nothing has ever impressed me enough for me to feel a review was necessary. BUT THIS STUFF... WOW!! My lashes went from little to long in 10 DAYS!! I was skeptical for sure, but ForLash did not disappoint. BUY THIS STUFF!! You will NOT regret!!

So much growth!

I’ve been using this for almost a year now and my eyelashes have completely changed!

Skeptical but amazed!

I started using this every night around 3 months ago and was so pleasantly surprised. It really does work!

lashes are longer than ever before!

my lashes were super damaged after months of getting lash extensions so i got this lash serum and WOW it made a HUGE difference. my lashes are longer than they’ve ever been.


I didn't think it would work and it did ...this is amazing to be so reasonably priced...and I wasn't even using it daily!!!