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lashes are longer than ever before!

my lashes were super damaged after months of getting lash extensions so i got this lash serum and WOW it made a HUGE difference. my lashes are longer than they’ve ever been.


I didn't think it would work and it did ...this is amazing to be so reasonably priced...and I wasn't even using it daily!!!

Amazing stuff!!!

This really works! My friend recently asked if I was wearing extensions and I immediately recommended her the serum. My lashes were never short but now they’re super long and voluminous! They aren’t naturally black but now one coat of black mascara makes them look incredible!
I’ve just ordered another 2 bottles

Love it!!

The picture says it all. Love it, will purchase again, along with the lash serum this time round!

Amazing...!! Eyebrow Product

I have always struggled with my eyebrows being thin and oddly shaped, I must admit I was very skeptical about this product as I had never heard of Forchics but after seeing it advertised on Facebook a few times I thought what the hell what have I got to lose..! Well now after nearly 2 months I am still using this product and it has done wonders for my eyebrows, I fallen back in love with them and are proud of them. :) P.S. Love love how affordable this product is.

Better than my last serum

I used to use European Wax Center’s growth serum, ran out & decided to try this. IT’S AWESOME. I noticed changes in my brows as quick as a week, it grew hair where I’ve been trying to grow for years in just a week! My lashes have also grown longer (can’t tell much by pictures but I can tell when I wear mascara) When I wear mascara it looks like I have extensions on! I love this stuff & swear by it. My pictures are just from 4 weeks of applying everyday ( I missed one week of pictures but I still applied everyday). I think they are in order from recent to old (idk why it’s uploading like that)

Made a huge difference!

This lash serum is amazing! I’ve always had naturally stubby lashes, so seeking out a serum was a must. Before discovering this product, I would apply several strokes of mascara in hope of gaining length. Sadly, it never worked. Now my eyelashes are long and have lots of volume!! Thanks Forchics!


I can't say how much I love it and really works to me. I saw a difference in the first week. But in my picture I have 1 month experience. I have both product lashes and brows.

Amazing 😍

Being a natural blonde is hard enough, having very light eyelashes. But having short blonde eyelashes makes for very expensive trips to the eyelash extension technicians. Wish I took before pictures. Now not only are my eyelashes much darker and fuller, they are extremely long. To the point when i wear mascara on top, people think they're fake. Obviously the tips are still blonde (ya know, the whole natural blonde part) so you can't see the full potential. I have never given a review for anything in my life. But this stuff, can't even begin to explain how magical it is.

It works for men!

Using for a month and it works! I’m a male by the way:)

Great product for a good price

I've never believed that my lash will grow with this product or any product but it works. See my result at the picture.
I'm very proud of my lashes now. Finally I have got long and nice lashes that you can see.
Pround of my asian lashes :)
Thank you forlash :)

Me encanto!!! Love it!!!

Me fascinó este producto mis pestañas quedaron preciosas!!!Solia tenerlas chinas pero un día se me ocurrio enchinarlas mas con las pinsas de las pestañas y se me calleron hace un mes me encontre con este producto y lo compre ya llevo una semana con mis pestañas y espero q duren mucho mas...Se las recomiendo mucho les va a encantar como a mi eso si es facil que alguien te allude hacerlo pero tu puedes hacer solo pero mejor pidan a alguien q les heche una manita!!!!


Literally the best eyebrow product I’ve ever used. My eyebrows are so much thicker and darker and I haven’t even used half the bottle. 100% recommend, well worth the money

Insane stuff

I’m not one to typically write reviews but I just had to!!! I am shocked at how long my eyelashes are it’s actually insane. I’ve always had the tiniest lashes and then work extensions for 3 years because of that. I will never go back to extensions!! My eyelashes are insane, I’ve been using for almost 3 months, noticed a diff after 2-3 weeks but they keep getting longer


Didn’t expect it to work this well but I’m shocked, the results were amazing I’m so happy!

i’m in loveeeee

i bought this serum a while back and used it pretty religiously for about 3 months. at first i wasn’t noticing a huge difference in the length, volume, or thickness of my lashes, but they felt really healthy and conditioned. Recently, my lashes have been looking AMAZING!! they are so full, dark, long, and feel so healthy! i’m ALWAYS getting compliments. for sure putting him another bottle on my christmas list!!

Been using lash and brow serum for a couple months

I still can’t believe it, but the lash and brow serum are both working wonderfully!

Been using lash and brow serum for a couple months

I still can’t believe it, but the lash and brow serum are both working wonderfully!

Great lash serum!

This serum really works. Started using it about 3 to 4 weaks ago and my lashes are longer and fuller. I wasn't really aware until I took a picture and compared it to one I took before. I think it speaks for itself, but the first picture was taken before serum, last is now. Looking forward to the results after a few more weeks of usage.

Actually works!

Follow the instructions and you will see results within about a month. I’ve used Rodan Fields in the past which is far more expensive and have seen the same results if not better with forchic. Everyday I get compliments on my eyelashes more often getting asked “where I get my eyelash extensions” and people are shocked when I say my eyelashes are real.

Seeing small results after 2 months!

I'm always hesitant to buy these sorts of brow or lash products that I see from ads on Facebook because I'm not always sure the reviews and commenters are from real people/users. But I promise, I'm a real reviewer! One tube of this Forbrow lasted me almost 2 months. I applied one generous swipe to each brow after my shower every night from 09/16/19 to 11/06/19 (see photos). I've always naturally had sparse eyebrows, and you may be able to tell from my pictures that I've had them microbladed. It helped with me being less self-conscious about my brows, but I'm 25 years old and I don't want to have to keep tattooing them for the rest of my life. If there's any way to get the hair to grow in naturally, I'm willing to try! After ~2 months and looking at my Before & After pictures, I feel like there has been some new growth on my brows! Not much, but they do feel ever-so-slightly more full! That's enough reason for me to order another tube and see if continued use will give more noticeable results. I won't say this is a magical product that gave me bushy eyebrows in 2 months, but it seems like over many months I may see the results I want! The product has a water-like consistency, so it doesn't feel greasy but it does take a few minutes to soak in. I will try to give an updated review in a couple months!

I'm a believer...

I honestly thought this wasn't going to work. I always had short eyelashes and hated to put mascara on as I felt it never made a difference. I bought 3 bottles and this was at the end of the first bottle. I am truly happy and excited as I usually don't endorse products but this made me a believer. Want to do one more bottle. My eyelashes feel stronger, thicker and they are longer. 5 STARS!!!!!


This product is a miracle.
This before and after is after 6 month of use!


Best decision ever, I wasn’t born with natural long lashes so this made them grow beautifully and strong! Just be patient!
Been using it for 3 months and I’ve seen a huge difference, they look thicker too. (: thank you forchic!


I’ve been using this for about three months and I have definitely noticed a difference. My whole life I’ve had very sparse brows that were also lighter than the color of my hair. I also over plucked in middle school and it was hard for my brows to recover. However, this product literally changed my life 😂 my brows are way darker and match my hair color and are also SOO much thicker than they have ever been.
Side note: I use this product on my lashes as well and have noticed a lot of growth!