Eyebrow Implants: Are They Really Worth It?

Eyebrow Implants: Are They Really Worth It?

We talk a lot about getting thicker eyebrows and how to get your furry caterpillars to reach their full potential. Everyone knows your face is all about the brows now, and it’s the era of go full or go home regarding your brow hairs.

So yes, there are certainly tons of tips and tricks and methods to follow and things to avoid to achieve the bushy brows of your dreams. These range from natural, vegan options that often look like putting fun but strange ingredients you probably have around your kitchen on your brows. (But hey, they work!) 

While these steps have proven results and are wonderful options, they focus on regrowing the actual natural brow hair back in a fuller, thicker way. And for some people, this growth process just takes too much time. Or maybe they know themselves and their genetics enough to be realistic about their brows’ fullness potential. Another reason is that they dream of a brow shape their hair just won’t agree to grow into. 

For the people facing these issues, is it game over for their brows? Do they need to spend the rest of their lives essentially drawing on their brows to their liking? Actually, there is an option that fixes these troubles called an eyebrow implant. It involves surgery and can be a pricey option. But... is it worth it?

We’ve created a guide on everything you need to know about eyebrow implants so you can make this decision for yourself. Keep reading to learn all about this method.


What Is an Eyebrow Implant?

An eyebrow transplant is a surgery completed by a plastic surgeon moving hair from another part of your body to your brows. Usually, the hair is removed from above the ears or the back of the head, and the way the skin graft is performed transplants the hair follicles, making the surgery a one-time procedure. 

The newly implanted hair follicles continue to create new growth in their new home, your eyebrows. Of course, there are risks with any surgery, and a big one with eyebrow implants is that the hair follicles may fail to create new growth in their new region, which will take several months to know for sure.

Why Might I Choose To Get Eyebrow Implants?

Knowing that the procedure is a permanent option, you want to explore whether you wish to undergo it. Here are some common reasons why the brow implant might be right for you.

Your Genetics Don’t Align With the Bushy Brows of Your Dreams

Lately, everyone wants those full bushy brows, and growth tips and tricks can offer a lot to amp up your brow game, but it’s also good to be realistic about what your brow potential looks like. If your eyebrows were to be the thickest they could possibly be right now, would they still live up to the fullness, color, and shape your heart is set on having?

Eyebrow implants can fully restructure your brows, so issues such as fullness and shape can certainly be resolved with the surgery. However, since the hair is grafted from your scalp, if your hair does not match the brow color you desire, you may want to explore eyebrow tinting instead.

You’re Sick of Spending Time FIlling Them In

For people blessed with thick brows, even after over-plucking, they can generally spend little time filling in their brows. But for others of you who didn’t win the brow lottery but still desire glorious bushy caterpillars, the time you spend shaping and filling and tinting them takes a huge chunk of your day. 

And the worst part is, you have to wash them off at the end of the night and redraw them all over again!


Although the eyebrow implant procedure is costly (see below), when you factor in the cost of your makeup and the time you’re spending creating your brows, the implant might be a worthy investment.

What Are the Cons of Getting Eyebrow Implants?

Unfortunately, like any plastic surgery, the price tag is large. Eyebrow implants generally start at $5000 and work their way up. And most insurance only covers surgeries necessary for health reasons, not elective cosmetic surgery, so you probably won’t be able to depend on your insurance coverage for help.

As with all cosmetic surgeries, you need to assess what the results are worth to you and consider the cost while enjoying the results for the rest of your life. So although eyebrow implants are not cheap, you will need to decide for yourself if it is an expense that’s worth it.

There Are Risks Involved

All surgeries have risks, and even a relatively simple and non-invasive one like the eyebrow implant has possible side effects. These include bleeding, scarring (on the brows and the place the hair was removed), swelling, bruising, and infection--which can lead to its own side effects. There’s also the biggest risk--that the hair follicles won’t comply and regrow new hair on your brows. 

Knowing the risks when considering a procedure is important so you can make a fully informed decision.

You May Have Some Discomfort

You may feel some discomfort from your surgery (it is surgery, after all) but compared to the downtime after other procedures, the rest and recovery period is fairly short. Since you’ve just undergone surgery, the amount of time you need to wait before intensely working out again can be up to three weeks. But the rest of your daily life should go back to normal quickly.

The Procedure Takes Some Time

The eyebrow implant’s surgery will take between two to five hours in operation, so if you’re a busy person without a chunk of time you can block out in a day, this may present some trouble. But most likely, the real-time issue would be the waiting period. 

While you’re recovering from the surgery, your brows will look swollen and a little raw, and the swelling may spread down to your eyes. Bruising is also a possibility.

As excited as you’ll feel after the operation, your brows won’t be ready for any social events right away. To achieve the full results takes around three months before the hair starts regrowing on its own.



So, is the eyebrow implant worth it?

We’ve discussed how the brow implant comes at a high price. But eyebrow implants can have amazing results and are meant to last long term, so the quality is worth the cost for those who have tried everything and want a permanent solution. 

However, if your genetics provide you with the potential for full bushy brows, there are a ton of less expensive options that you could just as easily follow. It may take a little bit of time for your brows to grow into the fullness of your dreams, but with consistency, we promise they will get there! 

If you believe in your brows’ capability to match the look you’ve always wanted, we recommend using a growth serum with an amazing track record and filling in your brows in short, hair-like brush strokes while you wait for regrowth.


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