A Note From The Founders - ForChics

A Note From The Founders

Our mission from the beginning has always been to empower the modern beauty consumer through thoughtful solutions that accentuate individual beauty. 

Hey, Chics!


Our mission from the beginning has always been to empower the modern beauty consumer through thoughtful solutions that accentuate individual beauty. With this vision in mind, we are moving forward with new and bold initiatives to enhance our community and grow together!


We’re so thankful to each and every one of you for supporting our mission from the start. With our recent explosive growth, we have received lots of love and feedback from our beloved community, and we wanted to listen and evolve. 


You asked and we listened! Below are the changes that ForChics will be making in the coming months:


Introducing: The Growth Guarantee! 

At ForChics, we have great confidence in our tried and true products. With that said, we know that every human is different, and we want to take that into account. This means, if you don’t get results from our products, you will get your money back! Click here to read about our new policy. 


Faster Shipping Time (yay)

We understand that waiting for your order is not fun. To fix this, we have been working tirelessly to establish a warehouse located in the United States. This will ultimately shorten delivery times to 2~3 working days. 


Our Remodeled Digital Home

Our team has just completed a much-anticipated website redesign! We have made it so much easier for you to navigate our website and purchase products. To check out our new digs, click here


Wholesalers or Stockist? We Got You

That’s right. ForChics has seen great success with our flagship products, ForLash and ForBrow, and we want to start sharing our vision with others. We’ve made it easier than ever for wholesalers to purchase our beloved products from our store. Click here to learn more. 


Earn Cash Through Our Affiliate Program!

We endeavor to always give our customers the best gear and best service out there. And now, we're looking to partner with like-minded publishers who do the same. Fancy earning some cash through our affiliate program? Click here to learn more. 



Beyond this, we are so excited to let you know that we have a lot of interesting things up our sleeve for 2020 to serve you better (yes, this means new products)! To keep updated on our latest happenings, make sure to connect with us on Instagram.


As these changes occur, please note that our product prices will remain the same while delivering on our same level of quality. We believe the premium should not cost you extra. 


ForChics is run by a young team of passionate beauty enthusiasts who believe beauty routines shouldn’t just be something you have to do - it should be something that you want to do!


As you evolve, so does our company, and we move forward with a renewed commitment to beauty, growth, and empowerment! Every business decision that we make is rooted in a desire to create a positive difference for our customers, our team, and the world around us. 


To growth and new heights.