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How do I keep my skin feeling good all winter?

Are you starting to feel the effects of the cold air? Temperatures are dropping and the air that is coming in is dry and chilled. 
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Are you starting to feel the effects of the cold air? Temperatures are dropping and the air that is coming in is dry and chilled. You’ve probably cranked up your heaters and are cuddled under lots of blankets at night. So, how are you able to keep your skin glowing during these chilly times?



The easiest way to keep your skin looking luscious and moisturized this winter is to switch up your products, exfoliate, keep on your sunscreen use, put on facial oil, use lip balm, carry hand lotion on you, and use cuticle oil! 

Now that it’s winter time, your skin will have different needs! As the seasons change, your skin will be dealing with a different environment. Here’s what your skin regimen should begin looking like:

Switch up your products!

It makes sense that your spring and summer products might not cut it for the winter months. You’ll want to focus on skin products that are gentler on the skin and more moisturizing for the cold and dry months. Stock up on some heavy night creams and eye creams. Give your intense face scrubs a break for these few months. They served you well for the hot and sweaty nights of summer, but your skin is calling for some sweet and gentle love this winter. Pro tip: Opt for calming scents.

Maintain that sunscreen.

Sadly, UV rays don’t let up even when skies aren’t as clear or blue. In fact, people tend to get worse sunburns on cloudy days because they mistake cloud cover for sufficient UV rays block. 

Make sure to guard your skin as much as you do in summer. Don’t pack that sunscreen away with your summer clothes. 


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Put on facial oil.

Ah, facial oil. Our beautiful winter savior. Why do we love facial oil so much? Well, it’s added nourishment for your skin and locks in moisture to keep your skin hydrated all night long. 

Be sure to add this step in after applying moisturizer, especially if your oil is thick. The oil could clog your pores if it is applied directly to the skin. Always apply the oil after cleansing.

Use natural lip balm.

The cold, dry air will chap your lips if you don’t protect them. A good lip balm won’t just shield your lips from the chill, but will also hydrate. Finding the right natural lip balm will be your key to retaining softness and youthfulness throughout the winter months. 

When choosing your lip balm, try to choose one with natural ingredients like carrot oil, beeswax, jojoba oil, or rosehip oil. Avoid petroleum jelly because it prevents your skin from breathing.

Carry hand cream wherever you go.

Keep this good stuff with you in your purse at all times! Apply your hand cream at least once a day, or as needed. Just as we like to touch up our makeup throughout the day, you should show your hands some love and apply your hand cream! Make sure to pick a soothing scent to give you a nice aromatherapy session in the middle of your work day ;)

Apply cuticle oil.

Give your nails a break in between mani-pedi sessions and treat them with cuticle oil. You’re not just letting your nails breathe, but also giving them the right nutrients so they’re soft and healthy.

Cuticle oils, if natural, are usually helpful in other areas of your body as well! If your hair is a bit dry, rub some cuticle oil in your hand and smooth your hair out with it. We also like to use cuticle oils as a deep hydrator for our lips sometimes! 


So, what’s the lesson we learned today? The key is to pack on nourishment and hydration to avoid dry skin! Be consistent and find scents that make you feel calm and happy. Use products that are made with natural ingredients, when you can, and show your skin the love that it deserves this winter! You’ve got this, girl.