15 Ways To Make Eyelashes Longer

15 Ways To Make Eyelashes Longer

There are so many ways to make your eyelashes longer, whether you want to add immediate length or gradually grow your natural lashes. 

ForChics has your back with 15 tips to lengthen your lashes, including our Eyelash Enhancing Serum, eyelash curling, lash extensions, and more. 

1. Eyelash Serum

ForChics’s Eyelash Enhancing Serum is a great way to lengthen your natural lashes over time. Its nourishing blend of vitamins and proteins will help your lashes stay happy and healthy, and it will help promote hair growth. Apply the serum once or twice daily before you apply makeup and before you go to sleep. 

Try taking a photo of your lashes every week for thirty days to track your progress. You should see a significant difference in the length of your lashes.

2. Eyelash Curler 

Curling your eyelashes before applying primer and mascara can help your lashes appear longer. 

Start by cleaning your eyelash curler, and make sure it’s fully dry before using it. Place the curler at the base of your lashes, then gently press down on your lashes’ base, middle, and tip. 

This method will give your lashes the ultimate curl, and it will prepare them for primer and mascara. Together, this trio will help your lashes look longer in no time. 

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3. Primer 

Applying a lash primer will help prepare your lashes for mascara, and it will help prevent your lashes from clumping together. 

After coating your lashes with primer, your mascara can glide on effortlessly to help your lashes look their longest.

4. Mascara 

Mascara can help your lashes look darker, fuller, and longer. Apply an even coat of ForChic’s Better Than Falsies Mascara to your lashes, and add length without clumping. 

Our mascara also hydrates and promotes hair growth so that you can see immediate results and a gradual improvement. Add a second coat of mascara for a longer, more dramatic look. 

5. False Lashes 

False eyelashes are one of the easiest and fastest ways to lengthen your lashes. There are plenty of different false lashes to choose from, so you can tailor your lashes to your look every time. 

False lashes are pretty easy to apply. Just make sure you measure your lashes against your lash line before using them. You may have to trim the lashes to ensure they’re the perfect size for your eyes. 

First, apply lash glue to the band of your false lashes. Let the glue sit for 30 seconds until it becomes tacky, so your falsies will have a better hold on your lash line. 

Make sure you apply the lash glue to the lash line of the false lashes. Let it sit for about 30 seconds so that it can be tacky and essentially have a better hold when placed on your lash line. 

Next, grab your falsies by their lashes (not their band) using a pair of tweezers. Place your lashes gently on your lash line, starting in the middle of your eye, before placing the inner and outer corners. Use the flat end of your tweezer to press on your lash line, securing your false lashes onto your eyelid. 

Now that you have attached your false lashes, gently brush your lashes and false lashes together with a dry spoolie. Use an upward motion to help blend your falsies and your natural lashes together, creating a more natural look. 

To hide the lash glue, finish by applying eyeliner across your lash line. 

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6. Lash Extensions 

If you love your false eyelashes and wish they could last forever, give lash extensions a try. Lash extensions are a quick way to make your lashes look longer, and it lasts for six to eight weeks. 

Lash extensions are attached to your natural lashes, working alongside them to achieve a longer and fuller look. 

Lash extensions can be a little pricey, and you need to put in some effort to make sure they don’t fall out prematurely. Wash and comb your extensions daily, and never rub or pull your lashes.

For best results, you can visit your lash technician every two to three weeks for touch-ups as the extensions naturally fall out.

7. Combing Your Lashes 

Combing your lashes daily is another way to enhance your natural lashes. This will instantly make your lashes appear longer, and it can stimulate the hair to promote lash growth.

8. Washing Your Lashes

Maintaining proper hygiene will help your lashes grow naturally. Ensure that there’s no dirt, dush, or debris sitting on your lashes that could potentially get into your eyes. 

Particles sitting on your lashes won’t help them grow. They could, however, fall into your eyes and give you the urge to rub your eyelids, which may hinder your lash growth. Your lashes need to be clean and healthy to grow as long as they can be.

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9. Lash Lifts 

lash lift uses a chemical solution to curl your natural lashes. It curls your lashes from base to tip, giving your lashes a naturally longer appearance.  It’s a painless procedure that effectively makes your lashes appear longer. 

8. Eating Healthy

What you put into your body also plays a role in your hair growth. Eating healthy and drinking enough water will help give your lashes the hydration and nutrients they need to grow.

9. Olive Oil 

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Virgin olive oil can be a great way to add length to your lashes. It contains essential fatty acids that will help soften and moisturize your lashes, promoting growth. 

An easy way to apply olive oil is to grab a disposable mascara wand and dip it directly into the oil. Next, simply pull the wand through your lashes as if you’re applying mascara. Just make sure you’re not putting olive oil—or any other type of oil—onto lash extensions, as this could make extensions slide off.   

10. Vitamin E Oil

Putting vitamin E Oil on your lashes can help moisturize them, facilitating growth.

Apply vitamin E oil with a clean mascara wand. Just like you would with olive oil, dip the wand into the oil and brush it through your lashes.  

11. Coconut Oil 

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Virgin coconut oil is safe to use around your eyes, and it can help naturally moisturize your lashes. 

Stick a clean mascara wand in a bottle of coconut oil, and brush it through your lashes. You can also put some coconut oil on your fingers and gently rub your lashes to make sure you’ve thoroughly coated them.

12. Green Tea

Green tea contains antioxidants that can help promote hair growth. There are two different ways to reap the benefits of green tea. 

First, take lukewarm green tea and soak a cotton ball in it. Let the soaked cotton ball sit on your lashes for about 5 minutes, then remove the cotton ball.

You can also simply drink the green tea to provide your body with an antioxidant boost. Even better, try both methods and double your antioxidant blast.

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13. Castor Oil 

If your lashes have become brittle from mascara and lash glue, try applying castor oil. Castor oil may help condition your lashes, helping them become stronger, healthier, and longer.

14. Pick Your Mascara Wisely 

Always make sure to replace your mascara every six months to avoid icky bacteria that can harm your lashes. You should also avoid wearing waterproof mascara if it’s not entirely necessary—i.e. if you’re not going to the beach or the latest Nicholas Sparks tear-jerker.

It’s harder to remove waterproof mascara, and you want to make sure you treat your lashes as gently as possible when you’re trying to encourage growth. 

15. Remove Your Eye Makeup Mindfully 

Lastly, you should be careful when it’s time to remove false lashes and eye makeup.  

Use an oil-based cleanser or makeup remover to take off your makeup gently. Add your remover to a Q-tip, then gently rub it onto your lashes or your falsies’ lash band. When removing falsies, always pull upward from the middle, then work your way outward. 

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These 15 tricks are just the tip of the eyelash lengthening iceberg. Check out ForChics’s eyelash do’s and don’ts for more helpful hints. 


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