Serum for Hair That Really Works

Serum for Hair That Really Works

2021 has been a hair moment. But it has let us emerge back into the world again with a whole host of beauty trends that were cooking up from inside our homes. Hair has taken center stage. From bold fluffy brows to voluminous lashes to gorgeous hair extensions and edgy new hairstyles like the wolf cut, hair has been an area where people let their personalities shine through. 

Since hair matters to us, including our brow and eyelashes, we obviously want to have enough of it to style and play around with. And we want it to be in healthy condition. Sure, a shaved head can be an amazing look that is extremely expressive, but for most people, you want to grow out your hair so that you’re free to cut and style it at will. 

Maybe you want to try a new look, like curtain bangs. Or enhanced layers framing your face for that perfect 90’s blowout look. Perhaps, you want to shape your eyebrows differently. The first step to making changes is to have as much hair as possible to work with. 

As every salon esthetician will tell you, you want to grow out your eyebrows to their unruliest before coming into a shaping appointment. Or maybe you tried something new with your hair, and it didn’t work out quite like you hoped, so now is the time to grow it out so you can resume your comfortable style. Whatever the reason, the solution involves a surge of hair growth.


Hair Growth Takes Time 

We hate to break it to you, but hair growth is a sloooooow process. The hair on your head grows at an average of a half-inch per month, or six inches a year. And you should give yourself two to three months to see any significant regrowth in your brows. Damaged eyelashes can take around six weeks for growth.

If you want your hair to be healthy and beautiful right now, while you’re waiting for those perfect tresses and maybe even speed your way to faster hair growth, you need a hair serum. Hair serums aid in hair health so that your locks can grow healthy and strong. 

Some serums specifically target growth. Below is our comprehensive list of what you should look for in a hair serum.

What To Look For in a Hair Serum...

Your hair serum needs will depend on the type of hair you have, how you style it, and your hair goals. 


...Depending on Your Hair Type

Did you know that different hair types can benefit from different qualities in serum when it comes to your scalp? 

Thick, Curly Hair

If you have thick curls that you only wash every few days, you’ll want a serum that penetrates deeply into the follicles without leaving a greasy residue that forces you to wash your hair too often. Keywords to watch for include “conditioning” and “lightweight.”

Wavy Hair 

If you have gorgeous natural waves, you’ll want a serum that holds your hair in place in your desired textured shape while still making it appear soft and beachy. Look for “styling” and “moisturizing.”

Straight Hair

If you have straight hair, your serum should add shine and keep those pesky flyaways down. Look for the words “nourishing” and “humidity protection.”

...Depending on Your Hair Styling

What you do with your hair also matters when picking a serum.

Heat Products

If you are someone who loves to style your hair with straighteners, curlers, maybe even crimpers, then it’s super important to look for a serum that coats and protects your locks. 

Applying the serum and allowing it to dry before using heat will go a long way to save your hair. Also, serums that restore shine and softness have great added benefits, so your hair can look expensively styled after all the work you put into your ‘do’.

Tightly Pulled Back

Hair that is regularly pulled back into tight hairstyles, such as ponytails or buns, can suffer more breakage than hair that’s left alone. Look for a strengthening serum, but also be careful how much tension you’re putting on your strands.

Coloring Products

Sometimes we just can’t resist the temptation to go blond, or maybe add some cute highlights in pink or teal, and some balayage, but perhaps also go a little darker at the ends…. We get it. 

To have hair sometimes means to change up the color and truly have fun with your look. However, hair coloring products are damaging for your hair, especially if you don’t wait long enough between dyes or have been changing the color often for a long time.

Ideally, we would let our hair take a little breather from the dye, but sometimes we just don’t want to wait. So if you’re committed to the hair dye life, look for a serum that restores strength to your hair, as well as moisturizes those poor dried-out strands. Plus, some added shine doesn’t hurt, since damaged hair can start to look a little dull.

Depending on Your Hair Concerns

The serum you look for will depend on your main concerns with your hair.

Dryness and Frizziness

If your hair is dry and frizzy, your main focus should be moisturizing. Serums containing hydrating oils, such as argon, olive, or coconut oil, and conditioning ingredients will be your best friend.

Split Ends

To tame those split ends, ingredients that moisturize and lock in hydration are the most helpful, but you’ll also want to boost your hair’s protein cells with natural proteins like keratin. 

Thinning Hair

If your hair is thinning or looks flat, aim for a hair serum that boosts volume and shape. Serums that protect against heat and hold curls work incredibly well, so you can style your hair into bouncy waves and double the illusion of volume. 

Short Hair

While all serums that promote hair health are beneficial, maybe you just want your hair to grow. In this case, look for a serum that focuses on lengthening and growth and has strengthening properties. 

Our Eyelash Growth Enhancing Serum and Eyebrow Growth Enhancing Serum significantly helps minimize the growth period to provide you with the growth you desire without a long wait or hassle.


Hair serums have a wide range of uses and benefits, but if your main focus is on growing your hair longer faster, a growth serum is the answer. ForChics growth serums have proven results that  will take your hair where you want it to be. 

Now go take care of your hair, babe! 





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