1. Eyebrows protect your eyes. 🙈

Much of our body hair has more or less disappeared, thanks to evolution. (Thanks, evolution!) But our brows have stayed on our face because, like our lashes, eyebrows protect our eyes from sweat and dirt so that you can see where you’re going. They also deflect rain, making them really good umbrellas for your eyes, basically.

2. You’re hard to recognize without them. 😶

A face without eyebrows is basically like a face without landmarks. Meaning it’s almost impossible to recognize someone without eyebrows. If you ever wanna go into hiding for some reason… shave off your eyebrows. Most people won’t recognize you.

3. Eyebrows are like 90% of nonverbal communication. 🤨

Okay, maybe we made up that number, but they do play a HUGE part in nonverbal communication. They’re the most expressive part of our faces, next to the lips. You can usually tell how someone is feeling based on how their eyebrows are moving.

4. Our eyebrows are always falling out. 👀

People have an average of 250 hairs per eyebrow, and they’re always falling out. They’ve got a lifespan of about 4 months. Chances are, you’re rocking different brows now than you were at the start of summer.

5. They grow sparser as we get older. 👩‍🦳

And gray, too! But thankfully, it takes a longer time for them to turn grey than the hairs on your head. So you really got to take care of them, and treat them to a nourishing, conditioning serum. Like the ForBrow serum, for example! Gentle, all-natural ingredients assure that you’re not going to lose those babies any time soon!

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