Do you ever wonder how all those celebrities, models, and generally good looking people can mesmerize you when you look into their eyes? 

Well, here are some easy, simple to do tricks you can do to achieve the same effect.  

1. Eyebags. Dark circles under your eyes don’t just make you look tired, they also make your eyes look small. They can go away on their own as long as you get enough sleep. Putting cucumber slices on top of your eyes before you go to sleep is also said to help. And if all else fails, there’s always concealer.

2. Eyeshadow. There are certain shades that will go well with your eye color. For brown eyes, the colors bronze, gold, and warm neutrals will make eyes pop. Blue eyes should avoid anything too dark and smokey. Green eyes look good with purples and browns. And hazel eyes look great with metallics, neutrals, and dusty pinks. 

3. Eyelashes. Curling and primping your lashes will make your eyes look wider. The upward motion of your lases heightens the shape of your eyes, making it look bigger. But if your lashes are simply straight, they cast a shadow and create the appearance of under eye circles, making your eyes look smaller. 

Beauty Tip: Instead of using mascara or falsies, why not grow your lashes naturally? 

4. Eyeliner. You can’t deny the good some properly applied eyeliner can do for your peepers. Avoid the raccoon look tho. The liner should be darkest and thickest at the outer corner of the eye. Thick eyeliner that encircles the entire eye will make it look smaller. So never go beyond the center of your eye. 
5. Eyebrows. Doing your eyebrows is the last step to making your eyes truly pop. Brows can help frame the face beautifully. And full, healthy brows can take years off your face, making you look younger than you really are. 
Beauty Tip: Thick, bold eyebrows are here to stay. So start growing yours now.