How are you getting ready for Valentine’s Day? No, I’m not talking about the pre-work you need to do to pull off that romantic surprise for your SO. I’m talking personal V-Day prep. The kind that’ll help you feel and look your best.
Here are some basic to-do’s to make sure you look like a goddess on Valentine’s Day. 
  1. Start with Skin. Fresh, clean-looking, smooth skin - on your face, and everywhere else, is a great place to start. Get a facial, then splurge on a wax then a body scrub all over.
  2. Get a Mani-pedi. Pretty nails make holding hands much more fun. Don’t overdo it with the long, fake nails tho. Keep it simple and polished and just play around with the colors.
  3. Observe Oral Hygiene. Dazzle your date with teeth as white as snow and breath that smells just as fresh. Whitening strips can do the trick while breath mints are a must.
  4. Spray on Perfume. Catching whiffs of your perfume will get your SO to lean in a bit closer. But don’t douse yourself with it. Misting some on your wrists and hair is enough. 
  5. Work on the Hair. Make your hair so soft and smooth that it’s a pleasure to touch. Give it a good deep conditioning followed by a trim to make it look neat and well maintained
V-day Tip: We’re pretty sure your makeup will be flawless. But don’t forget to pay special attention to your eyebrows and eyelashes as well. Make sure these two body parts are as gorg as the rest of you. Use our special bundle kit for maximum effect.