Who doesn’t want longer, thicker eyelashes? We’ve tried using fake ones but they don’t look natural sometimes, a hassle to apply, and feel uncomfortable, especially after hours of use. If only our real lashes would just grow longer… Well, there are three reasons why yours have stayed short.

  1. It’s repeatedly harmed by constant rubbing or frequent application of eyelash curlers before they grow to their full length, which takes three months.
  2. It grows thinner as we age.
  3. It’s just not in our genes.

Two of those reasons are natural causes, which makes it hard to fight against. Thank God for eyelash serums. Currently, there are multi-purpose serums out in the market that you can apply to your face, hair, and nails. Eyelash serums are specially formulated to increase the length and volume of the lashes by using ingredients that give your eyelashes the nourishment they need.

Here’s what you should look for in your eyelash serum:

  1.     Biotin

If you’ve been experiencing hair fall, a deficiency in this vitamin could be the reason, also known as vitamin H. Biotin stimulates your eyelashes’ growth. It improves the blood flow to the follicles, which is your hair’s source of nutrients. Vitamin H allows your body to better absorb the amino acids, fats, and carbs which keep your eyelashes healthy and thick.

  1.     Peptides

These are naturally produced by the body as well as all living plants and animals. Over time, the peptide in our body deplete. Applying it to the base of skin where the hair is growing has been proven to be effective in improving hair growth. It was used for wounds when it was noticed that the hair around the wound became larger.

  1.     Lipids

Guess what these are otherwise called. Fats. Yes, fats are needed for better hair health. Follicles normally have a layer of hydro-lipid layer around them made up of fats and water. It’s the body’s way of keeping them hydrated and in best condition. Sadly, it thins out same way as biotin, by curling it, rubbing it, and other ways of harming it.

Our bodies are so complex that it has amazing ways of keeping itself healthy and looking great but these are worn down by time and external forces. They need a little help from us, similar to taking vitamins when food isn’t enough to keep us well.

If you’re not sure whether any of these belong to the ingredients in your chosen product, reach out to the manufacturer for confirmation or refer to credible sources. Opt for those made from all-natural ingredients, like the ForChics eyelash serum. Make wise choices when it comes to where your money goes and what you put on your face, particularly when it involves both.