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5 Tips For Long Lashes after 50

4 min read

5 Tips For Long Lashes after 50 - ForChics


As we age, many aspects of the body start to change. Your eyes - from the lid to the eyebrows to the eyelashes - are no different. Your eyelashes age with you. They lose pigment and thin out, eventually growing shorter as well. 

There are lots of options out there like eyelash extensions or falsies, but sometimes these just make lash-loss worse. We have 5 tips to keep your lashes lush, long, and REAL even after 50.


1. Remove Makeup Gently 

One way you might be exacerbating eyelash loss is by using the wrong makeup remover or being too rough on your lashes. From products like makeup eraser towels to good old cotton balls to liquid makeup remover, using gentle methods will help you maintain your natural eyelashes. 

Make sure you aren’t pulling down on your eyes when removing makeup. Don’t scrub back and forth across the eyelashes, either. Instead, swipe down from the eyebrow and gently dab as you go. It might take slightly longer, but your eyelashes will thank you 🙌



2. Lash Growth Serum 

The preferred way to help your natural eyelashes after 50 is to nourish your natural lashes with growth serums. There are many growth techniques touted all over the internet, but many involve chemicals or ingredients that you might not want close to your eyes. ForLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum by ForChics is a completely vegan product that is gentle on the eyes and proven to work.

The serum uses powerful peptides and plant botanicals to nourish, condition, and lengthen your lashes. ForLash is for everybody but it works particularly well on those 50+. 


ForLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum


3. Keep an Eye on the Eyelash Curler

We aren’t saying you shouldn’t use an eyelash curler. Eyelash curlers can give the entire eye a lift that brightens the face. However, certain methods of using an eyelash curler might contribute to eyelash thinning. 

You can keep the eyelash curler but make sure you use it in the right order when applying your make-up. Don’t curl your eyelashes after applying mascara. Doing this will only make it more likely that you'll lose some. 


4. Using Mascara the Right Way

Speaking of mascara, applying mascara the right way will help keep those natural lashes looking long and beautiful without lash-loss. When putting on mascara, don’t apply layer after layer. Instead, try a lash primer that gives the mascara something to attach to, making them appear longer. 

Another way to use your mascara to your lashes’ benefit is to avoid applying thick layers to the base of the lashes. The thicker the mascara is the closer to your eye, the more weight it puts on the part of the lash that keeps it connected. 


Applying Mascara


5. Face Care is Lash Care

The best way to keep your lashes strong is to take care of your entire face. Washing with natural cleansers, patting the face dry, and moisturizing daily help keep every part of your face healthy. 

Adding an overnight face mask not only keeps your skin pliant as you age, but it can also encourage eye health. Eye health leads to lash health. 



Women Everywhere are Loving ForLash 😍

ForLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum is for everybody! Especially our beautiful matriarchs! At ForChics, we are on a mission to bring more natural alternatives to the beauty market. We don't believe that you should have to prick, plump, or push your way into feeling beautiful. You just are.  


"We don't want to cover you up. We want to show you off."
-Dan Eymel, ForChics Co-Founder


What Are They Saying?


Eyelash Review Before and After


"Amazing!! This stuff is the real deal! This is after 3 weeks of use. I’m 43 years old and my lashes are thinning. This brought them back to life!" 




"This is the second time I have purchased Forlash. Why have I ordered again? Because it's awesome. After and 3-4 weeks of use, my lashes were longer, darker and more curled. I had numerous people ask if I had lash extensions. I've recommended it to so many friends. I also got the deal and have one for my friend to try. I do have mascara on in the photos just to show the madness at how long they are!"

- Amy



"Easy to use and actually works!"

- Norma N.


So How Does It Work?

ForLash is a natural eyelash growth serum that is helping people all over the world grow out longer and thicker lashes that are 100% their own. Using specially-derived plant minerals, this formula nourishes the lashes from the base of the follicle to the end of the hair. 

The results have been great. Over 75,000+ people have tried ForLash so far, and it has been rated at a 4.9 for length and thickness of brows. 



Our lash-stimulating peptide complex supports the hair's natural renewal cycle making your lashes longer, thicker, and healthier. 

The mineral-dense formula helps replenish lashes with essential proteins and vitamins that promote luster and shine. 

Lastly, unique moisturizing agents provide superior hydration to lashes by locking in moisture while improving flexibility and elasticity. 


ForLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum


Life is too short not to have amazing lashes! Try out a bottle of ForLash today! 



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