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10 Things to Do During Quarantine

Here are ForChics Top 10 things to do in quarantine. Spoiler alert, making a sourdough starter is not it, sis. 

Welcome to day 172 of quarantine. 

Just kidding! But that number felt like it could be real. And honestly? We aren’t sure which day it is! The reality is that we are hitting the point where we need to refresh the things to do safely from home. So here are ForChics Top 10 things to do in quarantine. Spoiler alert, making a sourdough starter is not it, sis. 


1. Finally, watch that show (and not feel guilty about it)

Whether it’s Mad Men, Game of Thrones, or Married at First Sight, there’s never been a better time to start that guilty pleasure. You can sink deep into your couch and unashamedly let the autoplay start each episode right after the other.

Before quarantine, the idea of going deep on a show with hours of episodes may have filled you with guilt about using your time more productively. You have nothing but time - use it how you want. If that means finally understanding the Don Draper jokes that have been flying around for a decade, well, that sounds pretty productive to us.



2. Grow out your brows (and lashes)


We are in a rare state where quarantine also means super low-maintenance beauty work. You don’t have to get dressed up for work every day or put on all the makeup you normally do. Now is the time for regrowth - including your brows and lashes. ForBrow and ForLash are easy additions to any beauty routine that will have you coming out of quarantine with fuller brows and lashes.



3. Home Fashion Show

For most of us, our favorite outfits have been hanging useless in our closets since the original shutdown. Backward baseball cap and floral skirt, basketball shorts and fishnets. You don’t have to shop when your wardrobe has endless possibilities you haven’t discovered yet. Play adult dress-up and get reacquainted with your personal style.


4. Try a crazy recipe

The hardest part about trying something new in the kitchen is worrying about how much time you can actually dedicate to figuring out the recipe. Sure, the professional chef on Food Network only took 30 minutes and 3 bowls for that bolognese, yet amateurs know that means at least 2 hours of confusion and every dish humanly possible. But even those professionals once struggled to knock out a complicated recipe, they’ve just had more practice. 



5. Digital Museum Tour

Digital museum tours are great for many reasons. They are low cost, from the comfort of your own home. Gaze at the pieces that catch your eye then swipe left on the ones that don’t. The best part: for the pieces you want to stare at, there's no pressure of other patrons starring over your shoulder making you feel like you need to move!


6. Learn something new (For real!)

Pick a hobby at random or pick something you’ve always wanted to try but didn’t have the time to. Knitting! Photography! Coding! The possibilities are endless and you are just one Youtube tutorial away from starting.




7. Zoom dance party

Yes, Zoom happy hours are a fun way to reconnect with friends. But at this point, you might be hitting your breaking point of talking to your friends over video chat. Spice up that weekly virtual group hangs by blasting some music and dancing. It’s fun, free, and you might realize you missed it.



8. Redecorate

That boring white wall never bothered you until quarantine started and now you have to look at it a minimum of 600 times a day. Do some DIY decorating or rearranging and fall in love with your living space again. Throw away that painting you hate, order those funky curtains you love. This time is about taking your “living” spaces a lot more literally.


9. Unplug

There is nothing that stings more than that weekly alert where your phone tells you that your screen time increased by 35%. It sounds cliche, but one of the best things to do right now is to unplug. Send out a message telling everyone you won’t be available over the weekend, turn off that phone, and just be.


10. Start a Mindfulness Practice

Meditation, journaling, or anything that makes you feel present can help you clear and calm your mind in quarantine. Using this quarantine to starting a practice and make it a real routine will be invaluable to you during this time and beyond.