Best False Eyelashes 2021

Wow, a lot can change in a year and especially during such out-of-the-ordinary times like these. 

When you think of the past few years, you may consider each year in a vastly different light; many things have changed in all areas of life, including changes in society and trends. It can be enjoyable to look back on the year as a whole and consider the things that stood out in some way.

When we think back over 2021, we remember a wide range of unique beauty trends that emerged. 2021 has been the year of colorful eyeliner, curtain bangs and wolf haircuts, faux freckles, hairstyles reminiscent of the early 2000s (we love allllll the butterfly clips), and of course, natural bushy brows. 


You know we at ForChics love all things brow and lash, as well as making you feel confident and informed about the beauty options available to you. While bold, largely untouched, but shapely brows were #goals this year, what about eyelashes? 

We have compiled a list of all the standout false eyelash trends of 2021. Maybe you jumped on many or all of these trends during the year. But perhaps some of these trends are new to you. 

Whatever the case, it’s only October, so you still have time to join in on these false eyelash looks before the year is complete!

Keep reading for a fun recap of 2021’s best and brightest false eyelash trends.

The Best False Eyelash Styles of 2021

It seems as though every year, there is one standout false eyelash look that dominates the beauty world, but this year people got creative with it and chose not to limit their options. As a result, many different lash trends were circulating this year. 


Feathery lashes, also known sometimes as “wispies,” have a delicate look to them. The lash strands are fine and downy, with an almost gossamer appearance. You could convince your friends they are made by the finest silkworms, especially if you buy these lashes with silk strands. We love how the subtle crisscrossing of the hairs gives a feathery, natural look.

Fanning Out

The fanned-out look refers to those false lashes that leave a little space between the strands or the small clusters of hairs. The subtle gaps between hairs provide a doe-eyed illusion. We love these for the way they make your eyes look both elongated and larger than usual. 

Choose these lashes when you want to cast an appearance of innocence. 


The dramatic false lashes have the volume turned up to maximum strength. The hairs are full, dark black, and layered. With a sweeping curl and tons of length, these lashes are meant to stand out. Sometimes they are referred to as the “glam look” lashes.

What before might have been considered a look solely for stage productions or theater, in 2021, this false lash look is perfectly acceptable for any occasion, even running errands or going to work. We choose this lash look when we’re feeling a little spicy and want to draw attention to our eyes.


Textured lashes combine sections of darker, thicker hair with single strands spaced throughout the lash line. They aren’t as full as dramatic lashes and have more space between the hairs. Their stippled look draws attention to the eyes in a natural way that doesn’t immediately scream “false lashes” because the textured pattern imitates the way your natural lashes get coated in mascara.


It’s perfectly normal to wear false lashes for any occasion in 2021, even for simple events. However, some people still prefer to wear false lashes without drawing attention to them being fake. The natural lash look provides subtle fullness and curl than your own lashes and sometimes is applied in single strands along the lash line. Pair them with your favorite mascara.

Thick Corners

False lashes that are darker, fuller, and slightly longer in the corner of the eye are a new look for 2021. They open up the edges of your eyes, creating the illusion of elongated eyes. They are perfect for when you want a coy and sultry look, paired with cat-eye makeup.


The Best False Eyelash Trends of 2021

We’ve looked back over the false eyelash looks of 2021, but what were the trending ways to wear your fake lashes this year?

Magnetic Lashes

Magnetic lashes have been super trendy this year. Rather than applying glue to your falsies and sticking it on your lash line, magnetic lashes stick to their accompanying eyeliner and practically pop right onto your lash line like a magnet on the fridge.

We’ve loved this trend this year for how easy it makes the lash application process. Plus, it means we’ve been getting good at applying liquid eyeliner.

Colored Lashes

This year colored lashes were back! That’s right, they returned from the 1980s but in gorgeous, eye-popping hues. While colored mascara was one route to hop on this trend, colored false lashes also resurfaced. 

We love using fake lashes for this colored lash look because there are so many fun varieties on the trend with false lashes. You can buy lashes that are multicolored, divided down the middle into two complementary colors, or create your own rainbow on your lash line by applying colored single strands.

Separated Lashes

The separated lash look dominated this year! You might have heard it called the wet look. Imitating that fresh-faced and natural look of having just emerged from the water and still having damp lashes, the separated lash trend spaces out the hairs so your inner mermaid can emerge.

Cat-Eye Lashes

The bold cat eye returned this year with a fun spin. Bright pops of colored eyeliner on both the top and bottom lid and geometric versions of the classic cat-eye were everywhere in 2021. People accompanied this beauty trend with thick lashes, so the shape of the lashes imitated the eyeliner.

Bedazzled Lashes

People really had fun with their makeup this year, including getting uber creative with their lashes. We saw it all in the beauty world, and particularly on social media. From glitter strands to small adhesive gems and pearls to tiny colorful butterflies nestled into the lash hairs, it reminded us there is no limit to how beauty and art can merge.

Bold Lashes With Colorful Eyelids

2021 was the year of vibrant color in makeup looks, and we saw tons of eyelids sporting bright reds, pinks, blues, greens--you name it! Colorful eyeshadow was best accompanied with dramatic, bold lashes this year. And we have to say -- we liked them all!


2021 has been a wild ride, full of distinct beauty trends and plenty of lash looks for everyone. We love the way makeup this year was bright, bold, and apologetic. We love to turn creativity into stress relief during hard times, as the gorgeous eye looks circulating this year are proof.

False eyelashes are diverse and easy to apply in 2021, but use our lash growth serum if you want to create an au natural look that lasts. 


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