Clean Mascara: Does It Even Exist?

Clean Mascara: Does It Even Exist?

When it comes to mascara, there are a few requirements we have for our products. After all, how else can we narrow down the vast selection of options out there? 

We want it to hold our lashes up; we want it to last all day and not be running or flaking off when we’re in a business meeting; we want it to be within an affordable price range (we want bougie without the bougie price tag, you feel?). 


These are just some of our main demands for the mascara to which we will devote our love and wallet. But what if we are also looking for a clean, vegan, cruelty-free option? While our other requests are easy to find in many mascara products, adding the requirement of a clean mascara complicates things and narrows down the beauty brands we can buy from significantly.

Besides, even if we find a good clean mascara that we trust, are we sure it will meet our other requirements and provide us with results that last all day? 

If you are asking these questions, we’re with you! We asked them ourselves and came through with the knowledge that good clean mascara does indeed exist! And you absolutely don’t have to sacrifice quality, price, or results to have it.

We have compiled a list of what we love about clean mascara and how to know you’ve found the one, so keep reading if you’re ready to follow a beauty routine that doesn’t cause harm.

What Makes Mascara “Clean”?

In makeup, the terms “vegan,” “clean,” and “cruelty-free” are thrown around and are largely interchangeable. What they mean is that these products don’t test on or harm animals, and they contain absolutely no animal products in the ingredient list either. They are also made from natural, “clean” materials rather than synthetic ingredients manufactured in a lab. 

We’re sure pretty much everybody cares about their animal friends, but what often makes people doubt the credibility of clean mascara is the change in ingredients from the non-clean alternative. People often wonder if natural ingredients can produce the same results.

They absolutely can, and not at the expense of animal protection and your health!

What Do We Love About Clean Mascara?

We have some serious reasons for choosing clean mascara over the other toxic kinds. Here are the things we love the most about it.

It’s Animal Friendly

This pretty much goes without saying since the whole meaning and mission behind vegan products is about kindness to animals. Still, we love that clean mascara is made cruelty-free and is never tested on animals. 

Just thinking about our furry friends reminds us we cannot wear products that don’t protect and support animals, so knowing that we can put on makeup with peace of mind that the furry population is being treated right gives us the boost we need to go out and rock our makeup.

The Ingredient List Is Not Like Your Toxic Ex

You’ve been through enough toxic relationships and seen enough drama to last you a lifetime, so let’s let your beauty routine be free of the toxins. We love clean mascara because it ditches all those nasty chemicals we can’t even pronounce and replaces them with natural ingredients. 

Regular mascara generally includes harmful parabens, silicones, phthalates, and dioxane, not to mention synthetic fragrance and the dye that makes it dark. Trust us; we really don’t want any of these anywhere near our eyes.

If you want to keep your lashes healthy and grow them longer, you can’t afford to coat them with nasty toxins every day. 


It’s Less Irritating On the Eyes

It is no secret that what you put on your face is touching your face, like all day, so when we think about the ingredients in our makeup, how comfortable do we really feel not knowing what’s in the products we are applying on our skin, our lips, our eyes? 

Clean mascara is made from wholesome, natural ingredients that we feel good putting on or in our bodies. Just as you would feel comfortable putting a DIY natural mask on your face, you can know that your clean mascara is less likely to irritate your eyes and eye line because it isn’t chock-full of ingredients that should never get close to your peepers.


How Do You Know You’ve Found the One?

There is still a fairly wide assortment of clean mascaras available, so how do you know you’ve found the one, till death do you part? Certainly, keep in mind the most wonderful qualities of clean mascara, such as cruelty-free, toxin-free, and less irritating. If you ever come across a “clean” mascara that doesn’t provide these benefits, that is not the one for you! But there are other factors to look for as well.

Wand Shape

Like any mascara, pay attention to the wand shape of your product, as the different shapes offer different results. Our Better Than Falsies Mascara has a tapered wand shape to create the lack look without the clump, flake, or smudge! Some brush shapes work well for everyone, so aim for what works for you if you don’t see a ton of diversity. Or you could always match your mascara brush to your new mascara.

Healthy Ingredients

Although clean mascaras are free of harmful toxic chemicals, it doesn’t mean all their ingredient lists are the same! Our Better Than Falsies Mascara offers a conditioning effect to keep lashes hydrated and strong. 


We hope you feel better knowing that clean mascara sure does exist and still works exactly what it’s supposed to while providing extra benefits and removing the negatives. Your beautiful face matters, so choose products that care for your features while still accentuating your gorgeous natural beauty. 


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