Hair Thickening Products To Get That Extra Volume

Hair Thickening Products To Get That Extra Volume

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Have you ever looked at a celebrity like Vanessa Hudgens, J Lo, or Beyonce and been envious of their amazingly thick natural hair? Sure, we know hair extensions are popular in the world of celebrity styling, but these gorgeous women have natural locks that need no extra help to look as incredible as they do. 

Or maybe you’re gazing at Harry Styles and coveting his long thick curls. The more hair you have, the more you can do with it, which Harry is a testament to since he SERIOUSLY looks good in every single hairstyle he’s tried. 


There are serious advantages to having thick hair. We don’t have full fan pages dedicated to our hair, but you better believe Harry sure does. 

We’ll admit it: we hardcore want our hair to look like theirs. Since you have found your way to this article, we’re going to guess you do as well. How can we achieve such thick hair perfection?

A lot of it does come down to genetics and what hair type you were blessed with when you were born. Some of us were more blessed than others, like, say Beyonce’s hair, compared to your great aunt Matilda, whose hair would never be considered anywhere close to #hairgoals. 


But many other factors play a role in how thick or thin your hair is. One common scenario is hair that was once thick is now much less voluminous. If this is the case, the thinning can often be reversed with the right care

Whether you are trying to get back your once-thick hair or just want fuller locks, there’s a simple way: hair-thickening products. They work amazingly well for anyone whose hair doesn’t naturally (or at least does not currently) look like Jennifer Lopez’s gorgeous mane. 

Keep reading to learn about what to look for in hair thickening products.

How Do Hair Thickening Products Work?

Hair thickening products create the illusion of thick tresses, even on fine or thin strands. A good hair thickening product provides results that truly do boost the level of thickness of your hair, but unfortunately, the results can only last until you rewash your hair. 

Therefore, the best thickeners are easy and fast to use, so you only have to apply a little product in or after the shower to rock your locks.

What Are the Different Hair Thickening Products You Can Buy?

Hair thickening products come in many different forms. Here are the most popular options to choose from. 


A good hair thickening shampoo deep cleans your hair and scalp to remove all the gunk you don’t want--like oil, build-up, dead skin, and even dirt and dust. 

Basically, shampoo is like a vacuum for your head. Thickening shampoo gives your scalp a deep clean so that the hair has space free from dirt to thicken. 

Since hair mainly consists of good ol’ H2O, your thickening shampoo should contain moisturizing properties that cause the hair to fill with more moisture, increasing the width of the strands.



We love a good hair-thickening serum. Serums are concentrated products packed with healthy ingredients that target your specific need. They usually penetrate down to the hair follicle, which is essentially the root of the hair, to make a change where it really matters. 

Serums containing proteins, healthy fats and oils, and complex hair growth technology are successful at enhancing the appearance of hair thickness. Still, they also work on the root of the problem and aim to promote thicker locks.

While we are on the topic of enhancing hair thickness, it wouldn’t be right to not also talk about our eyebrows -- because who doesn’t desire thick bushy brows these days? 

Did you know that your eyebrows can thin over time just like your hair can? 

Eyebrows can also be made to grow fuller and thicker, much like your scalp hair can. With eyebrow serums, however, you don’t need to use a product to create the illusion of thickness--instead, you just need a product that helps your brows grow.

Our ForBrow Eyebrow Growth Serum is made with a concentrated formula that includes peptides and plant botanicals, so it’s completely clean! It works in as little as two weeks and has proven results. Rather than just plumping your brow hairs, let them grow quickly with our serum.

Hair Masks

Thickening hair masks work the same as other thickening products by plumping the strands to create an illusion of more volume. Masks usually target other hair concerns at the same time, like split ends, dry hair, or lack of shine. 

You can apply your hair mask and leave it on for up to a few hours before rinsing it out. Masks work much the same as thickening shampoo, showing your results once the hair dries. Try to incorporate a hair mask into your routine semi-regularly rather than daily.


Hair thickening sprays are applied to either wet or dry hair, depending on the product, and coat the strand in thickening agents that fluff up each separate strand. Spray top application is trendy, but sometimes the products come in a cream or gel that you rub into your hair with your hands. 

Certain hair thickening sprays are tinted, so be sure to pick a shade that closely matches your hair if you buy one of these options. Also under this category is volumizing dry shampoo, which can be used to fluff up your hair at the roots for thicker hair. 

What To Look For In Hair Thickening Products?

As with all beauty needs, there are so many products available both in stores and online. How is a person ever supposed to know which one to pick? 

Rather than just gravitating towards the cutest bottle or the lowest price, you want to make sure you’re buying a product that will offer you the results you need for your specific hair type.

Hair thickening products are not a “one size fits all” option. Because we all have different types of hair--including varying consistencies, strand thickness, and hair concerns we want to address--we should all be exploring products unique to our own needs. 

When treating your locks, whether you have curly, wavy, straight, color-treated, dried out, damaged, oily, or brittle hair matters. Here are some details you should pay attention to when choosing a hair-thickening product so you choose one you’ll love.


Ingredients That Are Known To Provide Thickening Results

Look for products that contain ingredients known to target your thickening needs. Biotin, protein, collagen, peptides, and amino acids all support hair health and thickness, along with healthy oils that add shine and moisture. 

Products Catering to Specific Hair

As mentioned before, look for products targeting your specific type of hair. This way, rather than just boosting your volume, you can also end up with perfectly coiffed curls or frizz-free straight hair. We love a product that addresses all our needs at the same time.

Customer Reviews Testifying the Success of the Product

Don’t underestimate the power of positive reviews. If you can see that a product worked successfully for many people, then it will probably work for you too! When in doubt, search for reviews and choose the product that has proven results.


There you have it, our best tips on what to look for in hair thickening products for commercial shampoo hair. But don’t think we forgot about eyelashes amidst all this talk about hair. 

Just as serum can be amazing for thickening your hair, and our Eyebrow Growth Serum boosts the thickness of your brows. We also have an Eyelash Growth Serum designed to lengthen and strengthen your lashes so you can compare your results to a lash extension minus the fuss. 


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