Best Oils For Eyelash Growth 2021

Best Oils For Eyelash Growth 2021

2021 was a unique year, and we learned a lot, gaining insight from politics to healthcare to social activism. We’ve also have been learning a lot about health as it concerns beauty trends because we want to be sure we’re using products on our bodies that do not harm us (or the planet). 

As eyelashes have been very big this year--and literally big too, because dramatic, bold lashes and lash extensions have been a popular beauty trend in 2021--we have been thinking about all the ways our eyelashes might be able to use some love. 

Because after all, a lot of the treatments we put our brows through (like mascara, lash curlers, lash extensions, fake lashes and lash glue, makeup remover) are probably not super great for our lash health. 

While we love our beauty routines and do not want to stop achieving gorgeous curled lashes, we also want to be certain we’re taking good care of our lashes before and after treatments. 


Caring For Lashes With Healthy Oils

Eyelash oils are super beneficial for lash health, as good fatty oils contain many vitamins and antioxidants that lashes love. 

The method of applying oils to your lashes is sometimes called lash conditioning. It works the same as conditioning your hair; conditioner soothes, strengthens, and moisturizes strands after shampoo goes through your hair and strips it of dirt and oils, which can be quite drying. 

Applying oils to your lashes is as simple as swiping them on with a spoolie or q-tip either in the morning (if you are going to go makeup-free on your lashes because you will need to let the oil sit) or before bed after washing your face. The oils don’t need to be wiped off, because they will get fully absorbed into your lashes. 

We have selected our favorite oils for 2021, the year we decided to give our lashes some much-needed love. Some of these oils offer the added benefit of helping with actual lash growth, while all of them are moisturizing and beneficial for overall lash care.

ForBrow Lash Growth Serum

Our top pick for an eyelash growth oil is our ForBrow Lash Growth Serum, which has been used successfully by 500,000+ people. 

The formula is made of peptides and plant botanicals specifically designed to enhance lash growth. With consistency, results can appear as soon as two weeks from your first use. The product is also fully vegan and animal-cruelty-free, so you can care for your lashes while also caring for your furry friends and your planet at the same time. 

Castor Oil

Castor oil is a vegan plant oil originating from castor beans that have long been touted as a top hair growth product. Studies conducted on the ingredient ricinoleic acid, which comprises the majority of castor oil, are positive towards the acid helping with hair growth and preventing hair loss. Castor oil is also thought to stimulate blood circulation when applied directly to the skin, boosting growth.

Vitamin E Oil

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that vitamin E oil is packed with vitamin E, an ingredient highly beneficial for hair and skin. It is packed with fatty acids and aids in adding shine to hair due to its moisturizing properties.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is high in protein and hydrating fats, and it has a lovely beachy smell to it. It coats your lashes in moisture, so it is beneficial for dry or brittle lashes. If you notice more lashes than regular falling out, or if you have been using a harsh makeup remover on your eyes, definitely consider applying a coconut oil lash mask.

Almond Oil

We love putting a little almond essential oil into our diffusers to cast a nutty Fall scent around the room, and we know almond extract is delicious in baking. 

But pure almond oil is also great for your hair. It contains vitamin E, magnesium, and calcium, which you probably already know is a strengthening ingredient. You’ll be a sweet-smelling snack when you apply this oil.

Argan Oil

And the award for best smelling oil goes to argan oil! Maybe it all comes down to preference, but we love the sultry, somewhat nutty scent of Moroccan-based argan oil. We also love how it is moisturizing and shine-inducing due to its antioxidants and vitamin E content. 


There you have it -- our top picks for lash oils for 2021. Remember to take good care of your lashes by coating them in wellness-inducing ingredients like those found in natural oils. And if lash growth is your goal (without damaging your lashes with harsh products), our lash growth serum is the best way to get all your needs in one product.

At ForChics, we want to know what your favorite oils are for eyelash growth? Let us know!



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