Castor Oil Lashes: 6 Reasons To Give Them A Chance

Castor Oil Lashes: 6 Reasons To Give Them A Chance

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So you want longer, fuller lashes like the false lashes you can apply but without the added hassle of glue and uneven applications? 

What if there was a way to lengthen your lashes naturally, without spending a lot of money, so that you wouldn’t even need false lashes, mascara, or any other beauty product to make them look “wow”? 

Look no further than the ForLash Growth Serum. Packed with peptides, healthy minerals, proteins, and vitamins, this serum is specially formulated to strengthen and lengthen your lashes in a short time frame (like, “results in two weeks” fast) and through clean, natural ingredients. 

But there are other natural ingredients thought to be beneficial for hair growth, and one, in particular, has gained a huge amount of anecdotal reviews: castor oil. 

While this homemade recipe for hair growth has long been circulating among those well-versed in understanding the benefits of natural ingredients, castor oil has been recently talked about by what feels like every TikToker, influencer, and beauty guru online as a miracle growth product. 

We put this theory to the test--because, believe it or not, you can’t actually believe everything you hear online, and you want to be especially careful before putting products on your face and skin. 

We’ve researched the benefits of castor oil, and guess what--it checks out! Castor oil has many benefits for your hair and skin, so here is a list of six reasons to give it a chance. 

Castor Oil for Lash Growth

Remember when you were younger and would sneak into your mom’s beauty cabinet and try on all her makeup? Except, you didn’t yet know what everything was meant for, so you’d end up putting lipstick on your cheeks (which is actually a pretty popular makeup hack these days) and lipgloss on your eyelashes. 

Well, fair warning: putting castor oil on your lashes feels a little bit like those early days of placing something odd and vaguely sticky on your lashes. 

But trust us, the results are worth it! Here’s why you should give castor oil a try.

Hair Growth, Duh

The main reason you’re here is because you want to know about castor oil as a hair growth ingredient. The evidence promotes castor oil as a simple method for stimulating hair growth because its main ingredient, ricinoleic acid, is thought to prevent baldness and increase hair growth. 

But, while there is plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest it promotes hair growth, it is pretty lacking in official scientific proof so far.

It does, however, have other proven benefits.


The Ricinoleic Acid Content

Castor oil contains high quantities of the fatty acid ricinoleic acid. According to Dominic Burg, Ph.D., this ingredient works with a molecule called prostaglandin E2, or PGE2, to potentially stimulate your hair follicles when applied to the roots. It’s thought to also offer numerous other health benefits, including positive effects on bowel movements, blood vessel wellness, and uterine health. 

So even if you don’t experience dramatic hair growth from castor oil, you might undergo other health benefits you were not expecting!

Say Hello To Moisturized Skin

Due to the fatty acid known as ricinoleic acid, castor oil is wonderfully moisturizing on the skin. Even before castor oil was a hair growth treatment that surfaced online, it was known as a natural moisturizer for the skin. 

When you brush castor oil onto your lashes--or your eyebrows or scalp--you’re moisturizing the skin above the hair follicles, so you can be sure there will be no drying-out of your skin when using this natural treatment.

Heal Your Wounds Like You Have a Magical Elixir

While you’re applying castor oil to your lash line, you can also take a moment to dab some onto any cuts or wounds you have. Castor oil is a natural wound healer because it can stimulate tissue growth, which speeds up the process of healing. 

Plus, with its ultra-moisturizing properties, it can help prevent irritation due to dryness and flakiness. Just picture that thick, honey-like consistency magically healing your wounds while it grows your lashes at the same time.

Don’t Worry Your Pretty Little Head About Acne

If you’re a person with highly sensitive or acne-prone skin, then you’re probably always worried about new ingredients on your skin causing breakouts. But castor oil is actually a treatment option for acne. At least it shouldn’t cause any new breakouts, as it is light on the skin. 

Say “Boy Bye” to Dandruff

The benefits of castor oil continue. You know it’s moisturizing on skin, and this actually addresses flaky, dry skin on your face and head too. We call the dry skin on our scalp dandruff, and castor oil gets right in there and soothes over the dry patches.


Go Get Yourself Some Castor Oil ASAP

With these benefits of castor oil in mind, we can think of no reason why you wouldn’t give the ingredient a try as a natural eyelash growth product. There is plenty of information to suggest that castor oil may promote hair growth, plus other benefits.

However, our top choice for proven lash growth results is our ForChics Lash Growth Serum, which offers hundreds of testimonials and satisfied customers loving their speedy lash growth. 

And, over 500,000 people are talking about this serum, so you can find customer reviews raving about this product. Talk about a way to grow your lashes so well you don’t need any beauty products! 

At ForChics, we’re ready to help you achieve the lash of your dreams. So why not give castor oil a chance?


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