Colored Mascara: How to Pick the Right Tone

Colored Mascara: How to Pick the Right Tone

Remember back in middle school when it was all the rage to show up to school with glowing hot pink mascara? Fluttering your lime green or navy blue eyelashes at your classmates was such a power move. Or maybe you just recall the Rainbow Brite-colored mascara of the ’80s and ’90s. 

While these may be the only thing that comes to mind when you hear “colored mascara,” trust us when we say colored lashes are back in style.

Colored Mascara Then Versus Now

Whether or not you’re familiar with colored mascara, or maybe even an early connoisseur of the trend, vibrant eyelashes have been floating out in the beauty realm for a long time. 

According to Marie Claire, the first colored mascara was released by Revlon in 1960 in the oh-so-sixties shades of greens and reds. Since then, it's been remembered as a passing phase from the ’80s and 90’s that millennials look back at with regret. 

But everyone knows beauty trends of the past often return, putting fresh, modern twists on the original look. Don’t be afraid to get on board with the new way to style colored mascara for an effortless “it-girl” version. 

The bold, modern-colored mascara look is being touted on runways for a dramatic appearance and in street style for a fresh-faced impression with a bright eye. All shades of mascara deserve to be celebrated, and the versions of the past don’t necessarily have to be the road you take today. 

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How to Style Colored Mascara

So now that you’re convinced to give the new colored mascara look a try, you must be wondering, How do I style it? 

According to Harper's Bazaar, colored mascara is great for enhancing and brightening up the eye and perfect for those days when you can barely drag yourself out of bed in need of inspiration. With colored mascara, no one will know you binge-watched Love Island until two in the morning. 

Colored mascara also works as an additional layer of depth over your everyday black mascara. This option works especially well for those afraid to go too bright on their lashes or are still scarred from the neon ’80s. 

But if your preference is the opposite and you want your mascara to stand out against dark lashes, you can use a white eyelash primer for the first coat, building your color over the blank canvas. 

To create a uniform look, match your colored mascara and your eyeshadow, even your eyeliner! 

You might as well go all-in and bare your killer makeup proudly. Be sure to flaunt your lashes with a lengthening technique, and keep in mind that you need to keep them long and healthy to maximize fullness. 

Choosing the Right Tone of Colored Mascara 


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If you’re going to delve into the fabulous world of rainbow lashes, you want to make sure you choose the right colors and shades for your unique face. With the full range of colors available, how do you possibly narrow it down?

Skin Tone 

Firstly, skin tone plays an important role. The undertones of our skin are either warm, cool, or neutral. This is essential as they determine which shades look best on you. 

If you’ve ever tried a bold, bright lip that looked amazing on that girl at the mall but makes your skin look blotchy and washed out, different skin tones may be the reason why. 

You can find your undertone by checking the veins on your wrist. For example, blue or purple veins show cool tones, while green shows warm tones, and veins that closely match your skin indicate neutral tones. 

Identifying your undertones will help in choosing the right makeup color palette. You will also want to play up the warm or cool tones under your skin by choosing to accent your face with colors in the warm or cool scheme. 

For example, shades reminiscent of warmth look amazing over those undertones, such as tints of peach, red, gold, and yellow. If this sounds like you, don’t be afraid to go bold and rock mascara in any of these hues. 

Similarly, cool-toned people should call to mind wintery and watery tones and play with blues, greens, silvers, and purples. Colored mascara in these shades will highlight your skin tone and bring out your inner mermaid. 

You can get the best of both worlds if you have neutral undertones, as all shades will generally look great on you.

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Complementary Colors

Another step to picking the right tone of colored mascara is to explore shades based on the color wheel and the complementary colors that work for you based on your skin tone. You probably remember color wheels from art class, if not, but the science behind how to properly match colors applies to beauty as well!

Work on whether you look best with warm or cool tones, and then choose complementary colors based on the color wheel. To do this, select the color you want to wear, then look straight across the wheel to see which color compliments the first. 

For example, if blue looks good on you, pair it with a shade of orange or gold. If you’re starting with a pink or red, pair it with a seafoam or forest green.

Moods Conveyed By Colors

One final consideration when picking your shade of colored mascara is what colors may fit your mood. If you can’t decide which color to use, choose a shade based on your mood. This will help you determine how you want to present yourself.

Greens represent purpose and drive, reds represent fiery passion, while purple, the historical color of royalty, indicates grandeur. Oranges and yellows are cheerful colors that showcase joy and contentment. And blues signify peace and confidence. 

So go out and rock that shade!

There it is, the complete guide on how to hop on the new colored mascara trend without relapsing into a less-fortunate beauty look of decades past. Remember to pinpoint your skin’s undertones, choose colors based on complementary color-matching, and consider what each color you select signifies. Now use these tips to go show off your bold, beautiful eyes with colored mascara. 


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