Are Cheap Lashes Really Worth It?

Are Cheap Lashes Really Worth It?

At ForChics, we love bold lashes. There are countless creative ways to style lashes now, from bejeweled lashes to colored mascara to bleached eyelashes. 

You can choose to make your lashes bold, dark, and dramatic or use falsies to blend in secretly with your lashes, leaving people to wonder what mascara you use for such an amazing effect. There is  no shame in boldly showcasing that you are wearing false lashes today, and we love to see the beauty community taking pride in their appearances in daring and confident ways.

Because false lashes are so widely used in the beauty world, there must be an extensive assortment of options to choose from, right? Yes, they absolutely are. The demand for false eyelashes has resulted in a wide variety of types. 

You get to decide between different materials, different colors, different looks, different application options, and of course, different price points. We know you are wondering, what is the difference between the cheap and expensive lashes, and are cheap lashes even worth spending the money at all?

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We got you, girlfriend, so stay with us as we delve into whether it’s a better use of your money to invest in expensive false lashes or if cheap lashes hold up.

Are Cheap Lashes Worth It? 

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Boujee on a budget doesn’t mean you’ll have to sacrifice quality. So are cheap lashes really worth it? There are a few things to consider in order to answer this question.

How Often Are You Wearing False Lashes?

The first major point to ask yourself is how often you wear false lashes. For some users, they are a daily part of their beauty routine, whether in addition to or in place of mascara. While others only break out the falsies for special occasions, nights out, or performances of some kind.

Cheap fake lashes are disposable for single, relatively short use. Once the glue gets on the strip and has been applied and removed, there is no way to salvage them for a second round unless you want to have them peeling and cakey on your lash line. 

Keeping in mind how often you’ll be wearing your false lashes and for how long will help you decide between single-use and reusable options. 

Where Are You Going To Be Wearing False Lashes?

Maybe you’re wearing your lashes to a club, work, or workout session. Wherever you’re going, you want to make sure your lashes go with you and last the whole time.

One major noticeable difference between cheap and more expensive versions of false lashes is that synthetic lashes, which are usually the cheapest options, often feel heavy on your lids. 

They can begin to weigh your lash line down after a while, so depending on how long you will be wearing your fake lashes at a time, this is certainly something to consider.

How Durable Do Your Lashes Need To Be?

Are you planning on dancing the night away? Maybe sweating up a storm? Will there be impromptu water (perhaps a romantic moment in the rain)? These things are essential to consider so you know how durable your fake lashes need to be. 

Cheap lashes are applied with eyelash glue, while some more expensive options have a magnetic application. The way your lashes are applied will affect the durability, so keep this in mind.

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Are You Just Trying Out False Lashes, or Are You a Die-Hard Fan?

The last main consideration to make is how invested you are in becoming a false lash wearer. If false lashes are just something you want to try for a day or a short period of time, there is no crime in buying a cheap version just for the fun of the experiment. 

There may not be any point in investing in a more expensive option if you decide you don’t want to jump on the fake lash train after all.

But if you already know you love false lashes and will continue to wear them, by all means, invest in quality lashes! You get to have fun and experiment with different styles, materials, and brands to decide what you love the most. 


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As with anything, you get what you pay for. For anyone who intends to use false lashes for extended periods and wishes to incorporate them into their beauty routine as a staple for style expression, we recommend you find a high-quality version that you love. 

When you know what you want, life is too short to waste it on poor-quality options. But we still recommend keeping a pair or two of disposable lashes on hand for any situations where they come in handy. 

And if you are going to continue wearing false lashes only on occasion, there is nothing wrong with just sticking with the cheap options. Here are some excellent choices for quality lashes that are still affordable.

Whether you choose cheap lashes or expensive lashes, your natural lashes are the basis of this trend, and we know there are days you choose to keep them bare. Remember to always take care of your lashes by eating right and following a healthy diet,  keeping them moisturized, and giving them time to grow


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