Brow Fiber Gel: What Is It And How Does It Work?

Brow Fiber Gel: What Is It And How Does It Work?

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At ForChics, we love a bold brow moment. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to you since we talk brows all the time and offer products to accelerate your brow game to a 10 out of 10. So you can count on us to fill you in on every relevant topic that has anything to do with eyebrows and eyelashes.

So let’s talk about gel for your brows. A new eyebrow product gaining traction is the brow fiber gel, also known as an eyebrow gel. We are here to fill you in on the down-low about what brow fiber gel is, how you should use it, and why it is a game-changer. 

Here’s a spoiler, though: brow fiber gel is 100% something you will want to add to your beauty routine if you wish to have full, natural-looking eyebrows. So read on to find out all of our reasons why.

What Is Brow Fiber Gel?

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Different methods for filling in and shaping your eyebrows with makeup products have circulated in the beauty world. You can use a brow pencil, a brow mousse with a flat-edged brush, a simple spoolie, a brow crayon, a brow fill pen, or just leave the brows au naturel.

The more products available, the more we begin to play around with our brows, which can sometimes do more harm than good. Therefore, we need something simple and easy but effective in our eyebrow routine. This is why you are going to want to try a brow fiber gel as an alternate option. 

Brow gels are clear or colored gels infused with staying products such as wax that hold your brows in a particular shape. Brow fiber gels refer to those gels that include tiny fibrous materials that look like little hairs when applied to eyebrows. 

Their packaging looks slightly like mascara, as brow gel comes in long tubes with spoolie brushes in similar shapes to mascara brushes. But don’t get your brow gel and mascara mixed up, as brow fiber gel contains a secret ingredient (tiny fibers) that sets it apart from mascara.

The tiny fibers incorporated into the product latch onto your natural hairs and appear the same as your brow hair, giving the illusion of full, gap-free brows. 

You can choose to go in with a brow pencil and color in any space, but we have found this step is not even necessary, as the brow gel does such a fantastic job of applying “hairs.” 

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What We Love the Most About Brow Fiber Gel

Ahh, there are so many things to love about brow gels! The way that they come in both clear and colored gel is a game-changer.

Colored brow fiber gels are the perfect standalone brow product because they match your natural eyebrow color and blend right into your natural shape, filling and holding your brows up. It’s a one-stop shop for achieving your brow goals.

On the other hand, we love the clear brow gel for how little effort it requires. On days you want to go natural, all you have to do is give your brows a quick brush for them to hold a lovely shape. For extra support, brush over your other brow filling products--you can use it before filling in your brows, after filling, or both before and after to solidify that shape!

And, of course, we love how easy the whole process is. If you trim your eyebrows to the right length, all you will have to do is brush upwards with your brow gel for feathery, held-in-place brows!

Our favorite part about brow fiber gels is how they can become your sole brow product. Brow gels give such natural and fully shaped eyebrows that your fuzzy caterpillars seem completely untouched and natural. 

What could really be easier than simply brushing on brow gel in the direction of your hairs? 

How Should You Use Brow Fiber Gel For Gorgeous Brows? 

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So now that we have convinced you of the absolute necessity of brow fiber gel, how should you use it to get those runway model brows?

Pick the Right Shade

In order to achieve a natural look that makes it appear as though you have been blessed with model-thick natural brows, you must pick the right shade before you fill in your gaps. 

Most tinted brow gels come in just a small range of shades, such as chestnut, light brown, and dark brown. Don’t let this throw you off into thinking that you won’t be able to find your perfect color match. Just buy the closest shade to your brow hair and brush it on very lightly at first, so it blends with your natural tone. 

Once you can tell how close a match the tinted gel is, you can start to brush it on in thicker strokes. You’ll be surprised by how realistically the product sits against your hair.

Don’t worry about this step with clear gel, as clear gel works universally on every brow shade!

Fill Your Brows Upwards and Out

Starting in the middle of your brow, begin to brush up and outwards, following the natural flow of your hair. Then work your way through the tail of your brow and into the hairs at the front of your eye. Depending on the natural growth direction, as well as how you have trimmed your brow hairs, the hairs in the middle and tail end of your brows probably look best brushed slightly outwards towards your ear, while the strands closest to your nose will grow straight up.

Simply follow what looks best based on your brows as long as you brush up, not down. 

Use the Gel to Extend Your Brows

Maybe due to over-tweezing in the past (hello hair removal trauma), you may wish that your brows extended a tad more than they do, whether in the tail end or as more natural strands between your eyes. 

Go ahead and use the brow fiber gel to gently brush into the ends of your brow to extend it outwards in a natural fashion. 

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We love a good brow fiber gel as a super-easy way to unlock your inner Cara Delevigne brows. You can use a brow gel as a standalone brow product or add it to your beauty repertoire.

Tinted brow fiber gels are fab for filling in those annoying gaps in a natural-looking way, while a clear gel delivers a natural hold or extra support to other brow products.

Good luck on your brow fullness journey, and remember that if you want to increase natural hair fullness so that you only need a clear brow gel to hold your brows in place, a growth serum is a fantastic option. Go rock your thick brows, girlfriend!


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