How To Pluck Eyebrows the Right Way

How To Pluck Eyebrows the Right Way

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Let’s be honest. We all want those full, bushy brows these days. But that doesn’t mean we don’t need to groom our brows because there are right and wrong places for brow hair. 

Tweezing is one of the cheapest, easiest options for grooming and still leads to amazing results. But if you’ve overplucked in the past, you’re probably hesitant to pick up the tweezers because, you know, regrowth is a long process

You’re probably hard at work regrowing your bushy caterpillars, but even as you wait, don’t be afraid to remove the hair that doesn’t fit the shape of your dream brows.

Pros of Tweezing 

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You most likely have already used tweezers before, but just in case you were wondering what that scalpel-looking thing in your nail kit was, it’s a tweezer, and its sole purpose is for plucking misbehaving eyebrow hairs.

Not all tweezers are made alike, and a higher-quality tweezer may be an excellent investment to consider. We’re going to identify the reasons tweezing is a great option. 

But first, a pro tip: tweezers with slanted tips can better conform to your face contours, making the process less uncomfortable. So, in addition to a low level of discomfort, here are the other advantages to tweezing.

Hair Removal Trauma Results in No Growth Where You Don’t Want It

Repetitive hair removal can cause trauma to the hair follicles, which results in a lack of new growth. This trauma is the exact reason why overplucking results in sparse, thin brows, but it is good news for anyone who is tweezing their eyebrows correctly. 

Say one annoying hair keeps returning between your brows, threatening a look dangerously close to a unibrow--repetitive removal of the stubborn hair will eventually mean it stops coming back. 

Tweezing allows you to get close to the hairline, remove individual hairs that are not cooperating, and change your unibrow destiny!

Tweezing Is Easy

There really isn’t anything to tweeze other than pulling out hairs. While it may seem daunting to hold so much power, you cannot fail if you follow the steps we’ve laid out on how to pluck your eyebrows properly! 

Tweezing is the lazy person’s beauty method, and we are so here for it (we may even sometimes tweeze while still in bed).

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Tweezing Is an Inexpensive Method

In order to tweeze, the only tool you really need is tweezers. Of course, we’re going to give you the total rundown for the optimal plucking method, which includes suggestions for additional tools that can make your brows look wow, but to succeed at plucking your brows, all you have to do is come with your tweezers. 

(But also, come with your hairiest brows, as tweezing after you’ve let them grow out a bit is the best time).

It Doesn’t Require Skill

As we’ve mentioned, tweezing your eyebrows isn’t meant to be complicated. You don’t need to have an art degree or even a single creative bone in your body! And you don’t have to come with a loaded makeup case.

However, we fully support the act of attacking your scraggly brows with the determination of a sculptor creating their masterpiece.

Results of Tweezing Can Last a Long Time

With any hair removal method, you don’t want to go to all the trouble only to see that the hair has returned the next day. Choosing hair removal methods that have lasting results is the goal. Luckily, your manicured brows after a tweezing session can last anywhere from two to six weeks before it’s time to pluck again!

How to Pluck Your Eyebrows 

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So now that we’ve laid out the basics and convinced you that tweezing is a fantastic grooming method, how should you go about plucking your stray hairs? 

We’ve outlined the most in-depth guide so you can be fixing up your eyebrows like a pro.

Wash and Dry the Area

It’s a good idea to always prep the skin before beginning a beauty treatment to avoid irritation. People think they should avoid plucking because they believe it’ll be uncomfortable and cause trouble with the skin around their brows. 

The way to avoid both of these concerns is to wash your face with warm water. Think of it as preparing your canvas. Heat relaxes the hair follicles, making for a more effortless experience. Either wash and dry your face first or consider plucking immediately after you get out of the shower.


Exfoliation is an optional next step, but because your skin is now prepped and relaxed, it’s a great time to slough off the dead skin. This way, you won’t be plucking flaking-off skin with those pesky brow hairs. After exfoliating, pat dry your skin, and you’re ready for step three.

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Apply a Numbing Product

If you are worried that tweezing will be too uncomfortable, you can now apply a numbing cream around the outline of your eyebrows. However, if you have a high tolerance for discomfort, especially if you’ve used heat to relax your skin cells, feel free to skip this step.

Determine Your Ideal Brow Shape

Now it’s time to manifest your dream brows. Find out which eyebrow shape suits your face shape. It always helps to reference a picture, so keep a strong visual of what look you’re trying to achieve.

Fill In Your Brows to Match Your Ideal Look 


Perhaps the most helpful but often overlooked step is filling in your eyebrows in the way you style them. This way, you’ll have a strong grasp of which hairs fall in place with the shape you’re aiming for, and it prevents you from getting distracted by any gaps.

Identify the Hairs That Need To Go

Now that you’ve reminded yourself which hairs you love (we adore the brow hairs that actually grow where we want them!), it’s time to identify which stragglers need to leave. Boy bye! 

It should be easy to see which hairs fall outside the desired shape with your eyebrows filled in. If your brow hair is light or doesn’t stand out starkly against your skin, you can use eyeshadow or an eyeliner pen to coat the strands you’re about to send packing. 

Now when you step back, the blueprint is clear.

Use Your Hands To Hold the Skin Tight

Excessive tugging and pulling on your hairline is the main reason tweezing causes discomfort and is also a cause of hair removal trauma. Place your hand on the skin around your brow and hold it tight while plucking to lessen discomfort. 

Pluck the Obviously Rebellious Hairs

Now the moment you’ve been waiting for! Go ahead and pluck those pesky stray hairs that you identified in the previous step. Even though your plan is clear, go slowly and keep pulling the skin tight. 

Gets Some Distance From the Mirror

To ensure you don’t get carried away because we all know how easy it is to fall into an endless tweezing cycle (it’s all that power of controlling the tweezers!), step back and view your work from a distance. Never pluck your eyebrows in a magnetized mirror because it’s best to leave the tiny little hairs untouched for a natural look.

Brush Hair Upwards

If you want a more professionally groomed brow, you can trim the longest hairs. Then in the future, you’ll only need to brush the hairs upwards when styling for a feathery eyebrow. Start by brushing the hairs upwards in the direction they naturally grow.

Trim Your Brow Hairs From the Top

With the hairs upright, take your brow scissors--they’re the little ones with the angled nose--and carefully snip the hair down to the desired length. Don’t worry about making the strands super uniform, as slightly staggered hair creates a more natural look. 

Use Clear Eyebrow Gel To Hold the Hairs Where You Want Them

Once your brows are trimmed, we recommend using a clear eyebrow gel to hold this upward shape in place for the remainder of the steps. This way, you won’t accidentally undo any progress by plucking the wrong hair. 

Pluck the Remaining Stragglers 

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Your brows are looking good! Grab the tweezers one more time and pluck the remaining strays.

Moisturize To Avoid Ingrown Hairs

Lastly, apply a moisturizer to your hairline to prevent ingrown hairs and pimples.


There you have it, the most comprehensive guide on how to make your tweezing experience a professional one. 

Now get on over to your (non-magnetized) mirror and save some money by handcrafting your dream brows from home!


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