What Are Half Lashes?

What Are Half Lashes?

Half lashes are exactly what they sound like. These falsies are half the size of regular false lashes, and you apply them in the outer corners of your eyes. Half lashes add volume and enhance the look of your natural lashes. It’s easy to make half lashes out of full-sized falsies, and ForChics is here to show you how. 

What You Need To Make Your Own Half Lashes 

To make half lashes at home, you’ll need:

  • A pair of full-sized lashes
  • Lash glue or adhesive
  • A pair of scissors
  • An eyelash applicator (or a pair of tweezers)
  • A mirror
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    How To Make Full Lashes Into Half Lashes

    Set yourself up for success by choosing the pair of lashes that will best suit your needs. Fuller, more voluminous falsies will become dramatic half lashes, while sparser false lashes will translate to a more natural look. 

    Once you’ve chosen the right false lashes, measure them against your eye to decide where you’ll need to cut them. Start slow—you can always cut your false lashes shorter, but you can’t replace lost length. After cutting your lashes, measure them against your eye again to ensure they are not too short. 

    After you’ve cut your lashes to the desired length, it’s time to apply them.

    Applying Half Lashes 

    Applying half lashes is a lot like using a full set of false lashes, but you’ll focus on the outer corners of your eyes. 

    • Measure the half lashes one more time to make sure it’s the right length. If your lashes are still too long, trim them until they fit perfectly.
    • Apply lash glue to the band of the half lash
    • Let the glue dry for 30 seconds, or until it is tacky
    • Use your eyelash applicator to pick up the half lashes by the lashes. Don’t grab them by the band
    • Look in the mirror and decide where to place the half lashes
    • Look down and set the band on the edge of your eyelid
    • Push down on the band to make sure the lashes are secure

      Types of Lashes 

      False lashes are usually made from four materials: human hair, synthetic materials, mink fur, or horsehair.

      Human Hair

      Human hair falsies will look the most like your natural eyelashes. These lashes cost a bit more than synthetic lashes, but they’re comfortable and long-lasting. You can wear human hair false eyelashes more than once if you take care of them properly. Human hair lashes need to be stored in a cool, dry place and treated gently. 


      Synthetic false eyelashes are made out of rubber and other recyclable materials. Synthetic lashes are typically the cheapest, but they may also be the lowest quality option. These lashes tend to be heavy, and they’re not as curled as the more expensive alternatives. You can only wear synthetic eyelashes once, or you’ll risk harming your eyes. Higher-quality synthetic lashes are available, but they still don’t compare to human hair, mink, or horsehair lashes.

      Mink Fur

      Mink fur lashes are the most expensive lashes you can buy. They are made by hand from the tail of wild mink.  They are very comfortable, and they give the appearance of natural, feathery lashes. Unfortunately, mink fur is usually sourced from inhumane farms.

      Horse Hair 

      Horsehair lashes are less common than mink, synthetic, and human hair lashes. Horsehair falsies are soft and light, which makes them extremely comfortable. They’re another expensive option, but unlike mink lashes, horse hair lashes are cruelty-free. Horsehair is sourced from the horse’s tail, so it doesn’t cause harm to the animal. The hair is intensely cleaned before use to ensure that it’s sterile and will not harm your eyes. 

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      When it comes to cost, there is a big range for different types of lashes.  Synthetic lashes are the most budget-friendly option, while human hair, mink fur, and horsehair will be slightly more expensive.  

      Depending on the style of your lash set, you may be able to convert a single lash into a pair of half lashes. So, one pair of full lashes will create two sets of half lashes. 

      Caring For Your Lashes 

      To help your lashes last as long as possible, you need to take good care of them. 

      Make sure you take your lashes off every night before bed. You don’t want to sleep on them and risk the eyelash bending and losing its shape. Always clean your lashes after removing them. Put makeup remover on a Q-tip, and gently wipe down the lash band. Once you’ve cleaned your lashes, store them in a case to prevent them from being crushed.   


      While it’s okay to wear mascara with false eyelashes, it can shorten the life of the lashes. Even if you clean your falsies after each use, removing the mascara may cause premature wear and tear.  

      Natural Lashes 

      Your natural lashes need some loving, too, especially after wearing mascara or false lashes. After taking off your lash makeup, use ForChic's Eyelash Enhancing Serum to help keep your natural lashes long and gorgeous with a boost of vitamins, peptides, and plant botanicals.

      Maintaining healthy, full natural lashes will help you save money on eyelash extensions and dramatic false lash styles. Enhance your gorgeous lashes with your new half lashes, and let your natural beauty shine through.

      In Conclusion

      No matter the material, each set of false lashes comes alongside a different set of considerations like cost and quality. Learning more about your options will help you create the look you want, whether you prefer a dramatic lash or a subtle cat-eye. Half lashes will help you add length in your outer corners and let your natural lashes shine. 

      Make sure you choose lashes that will give you the right fit and style. Clean them properly and store them in a safe place so that you can wear reusable styles again and again. Most of all, remember to take care of your natural lashes every night before bed so that you can grow the long, voluptuous lashes of your dreams—no falsies required. 


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