Eyelash Tools That Are a Total Game Changer

Eyelash Tools That Are a Total Game Changer

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There are plenty of tools that can emphasize your lashes and bring out your natural beauty. You may already know and love some of these tools, or maybe you’ll discover something brand new. 

Whether they’re an innovation or an old favorite, these eyelash tools are total game-changers. 

Eyelash Curler 

Eyelash curlers can take your lashes to a whole new level, especially when you use them with a great mascara like ForChics’s Better Than Falses

Using an eyelash curler is easy as pie. Just clean your eyelash curler with soap and water, then let it dry. Once you’ve cleaned your curler, place it at the root of your eyelashes and gently press down. Repeat this motion at the middle and end of your lash to get the best curl. 

Always apply mascara after you’ve curled your lashes. If you use mascara before you curl your lashes, you risk your mascara sticking to the curler. This could cause clumping or tug on your natural lashes. 

Plus, if you get sticky mascara on your curler, dirt, dust, and other particles can stick to your curler and possibly get in your eyes the next time you use it. 

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Eyelash Primer 

Lash primers create an even base for mascara that helps add volume and length to your lashes. Use eyelash primer after you’ve curled your lashes, but before you apply mascara. 

Apply the primer to all of your lashes, including your bottom lashes, if you plan to put mascara on them. Let the primer dry for about 30 seconds before applying mascara.

Mascara primers come in a few different colors, and we’re here to help you choose which color is right for you.

Choosing A Primer Color

Most lash primers are white, which is especially good for colored mascaras. Applying a white primer will make colored mascaras appear more vibrant. A black or brown base could dull the color.

You can also use a clear primer. A clear primer is also a great option if you want to give your lashes some definition without having to wear mascara.  

Finally, darker primers like brown and black primers will blend perfectly with your mascara. 

Eyelash Conditioners and Serums 

You may think eyelash conditioners and serums are the same, but they can have very different purposes.

Eyelash serums help nourish your lashes and help your lashes grow. ForChics’s Eyelash Enhancing Serum uses vitamins, plant botanicals, and proteins to help your lashes stay healthy.  

On the other hand, a lash conditioner will only moisturize your lashes. While lash serums can moisturize your lashes in addition to their other handy benefits, conditioners are made purely with hydration in mind. Mascara and makeup removers can dry out your lashes. Just like the hair on your head, your lashes need to have that moisture replenished.   

Eyelash Comb 

An eyelash comb is a fantastic tool to add to your makeup bag. 

Mascara tends to clump, especially if you skipped using mascara primer. Combing your lashes can separate them if they’ve clumped or add definition even if they haven’t clumped. An eyelash comb can help your lashes look fuller and more natural. 

Lash Scissors 

If you want your false eyelashes to look natural, you’ll probably need to trim them to fit your eye shape perfectly. Instead of using bulky craft scissors, invest in specialized eyelash scissors. 

Eyelash scissors are sharp and made especially for false lashes. You can even use your eyelash scissors as brow scissors to keep your brows sharp and shaped.

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Eyelash Applicators or Tweezers 

Once you’ve secured your eyelash scissors, it’s time to invest in an eyelash applicator or tweezer. Eyelash applicators look a lot like regular tweezers, but they aren’t pointed at the ends. That wider tip makes it easier to hold onto your false lashes, so you can feel stable when you place them on your lash line. 

The other end of the eyelash applicator should have a flat tip, which you can use to help press your false lashes onto your lash line.  

How To Use An Eyelash Applicator

This is how-to guide to using the applicator when applying false eyelashes:

  • Clamp the lash in the applicator
  • Apply lash glue to the lash band
  • Wait 30 seconds for the adhesive to become tacky
  • Look downwards and put the false lashes on your lash line
  • First, place the falsie in the middle of your lash, then the inner corner, and lastly, the outer corner
  • Use the other side of the applicator to press down on your lash band
  • With the tip of the applicator, push up on the lashes from underneath to ensure that they are secure

Disposable Mascara Wands 

Disposable mascara wands, also called spoolies, have tons of uses. Get ready for these little miracles to become your go-to eyelash tools.

You can use a spoolie to exfoliate your lips with a bit of lip balm to make your lips look moist and plump, or you can spray a little hairspray on the spoolie and comb it through your baby hairs to tame them. 

Spoolies can even polish your jewelry or brush your brows. Of course, if you want your brows to look your best, you’ll need ForChics’s Eyebrow Fill Pen to complete the look and add definition to your brows. 


Whether you’re new to makeup or a veteran MUA, there’s always room for some new eyelash tools in your makeup bag. These game-changers are all super simple to use and can help you achieve your ultimate go-to eye makeup look. 

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